No Charge for Carry-On Bags: Schumer Announced

Sen. Charles Schumer has announced Sunday that there will be no charges for carry-on bags. He said that he personally contacted officials of major airline companies such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, United Airlines and US Airways, and they committed not to give any charges.

Last 2 weeks, Spirit Airlines became the first in the United States to propose charging passengers $45 to store luggage in overhead bins. This has become another burden to a lot of Americans who will be travelling from time to time.

“In the last week we have gained tremendous momentum in our effort to keep carry-on bags free,” said Schumer. “We have begun to put the brakes on runaway and out-of-control airline fees. I am pleased some of the major carriers have responded to our efforts and have agreed not to charge for something that has always been free.” he added.

Wednesday of last week, the Block Airlines’ Gratuitous Fees Act, or BAG Fees Act would require that carry-on bags be considered essential and taxed at the same rate as fares.

Spirit has argued that these fees that they are charging is just of the strategy to make boarding an aircraft faster and easier.

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