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NFL Week 11 Results

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The game between the new York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles had been the last game for the exciting Sunday football games. The Eagles win over the Giants 27-17 on a very exciting football game. Meanwhile, there are some developments in the NFL week 11 results however these are not very major and I think there will be no major changes in the rankings next week.

This week the Buffalo Bills managed to get their second win as they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 49-31. The Bengals dominated the first half a score of 31-14. The Buffalo Bills however take on a revenge on the second half and prevented any score from the Bengals. The game ended with each following quarter nil for the Bengals and 14 and 21 respectively for the Bills.

Houston Texans continue their decline this week. The Texans added another loss in their column since they were defeated this week by the New York Jets 30-27. It was a very close game but in the end the better team indeed prevailed. It was pretty predictable for all other teams in the top of the rankings as they defeated lower rank opponents.

The New England Patriots escaped a defeat from Indianapolis Colts, 31-28 which will make the Boston based Patriots stay on top of the ESPN Power rankings. It was a pretty good game but they were lucky since the Colts did not manage to get another touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Here are the full NFL Week 11 results:

Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals
Bills won, 49-31

Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys won, 19-35

Washington Redskins vs Tennessee Titans
Redskins won, 19-16

Arizona Cardinals vs Kansas City Chiefs
Chiefs won, 13-31

Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings
Packers won, 31-3

Houston Texans vs New York Jets
Jets won, 27-30

Oakland Raiders vs Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers won, 3-35

Baltimore Ravens vs Carolina Panthers
Ravens won, 37-13

Cleveland Browns vs Jacksonville Jaguars
Jaguars won, 20-24

Atlanta Falcons vs St. Louis Rams
Falcons won, 34-17

Seattle Seahwaks vs New Orleans Saints
Saints won, 19-34

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs San Francisco 49ers
Buccaneers won, 21-0

Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots
Patriots won, 28-31

Chicago Bears vs Miami Dolphins
Bears won, 16-0

New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles won, 27-17

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One Response to “NFL Week 11 Results”
  1. Blair Stover says:

    Hoping to see the Chiefs go up but who knows! My prediction next week…still the Patriots.

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