NFL Scores Week 3: Atlanta Falcons Won Against New Orleans Saints Score 27-24

NFL Scores Week 3: Atlanta Falcons Won Against New Orleans Saints Score 27-24- The defending Super Bowl Champion, New Orleans Saints is still undefeated but there is one distinct difference, they are not performing to their full potential in their last two games.

Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints game today will be a key NFC South showdown because the Atlanta Falcons will be the strongest challenger for the Saints. Thing however is that, seems like the Falcons have a bit of unluckiness when it comes to road games.

So far in previous meetings of the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints, Falcons RB Michael Turner has a rushing touchdown in three straight games against the Saints and Atlanta’s Tony Gonzalez has at least five receptions in five consecutive games vs. New Orleans.

Meanwhile, the Saints have won most of their previous games against the Falcons since Drew Brees joined them in 2006. Their current head to head score since then was 7-1.

Yahoo! NFL experts says that this will be a close game however, ESPN predicts that the New Orleans Saints will proceed undefeated.

For the preview of the Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints NFL Football game here’s Football Gameplan 2010. Standby here as we will update the scores and results as the football match progresses.


GAME UPDATE: Atlanta Falcons won the match against New Orleans Saints in a final score of 27-24. The game was a close fight as it had an overtime just to break the time. Falcons scored 7, 7, 3, and 7 in the first, second, third, and fourth quarters, respectively. Meanwhile, the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints scored 14, 0, 7, 3 in the first to fourth quarters, respectively. In the end, Falcons dominated the overtime scoring 3 points against Saint’s score of zero and remained victorious. Congratulations to Atlanta Falcons!

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