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NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Top NFL Teams For Next Week’s Games

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We have seen major shakeup in the National Football League last week when the Cleveland Browns defeated the number 1 ranked New England Patriots. It seems that the Patriots never knew what hit them as the Browns dominated the game in almost every quarter. Peyton Hillis made two touchdowns for the Cleveland Browns. Hillis made his first touchdown with about 11 minutes to go in the first quarter from a Phil Dawson kick. Late in the fourth quarter he made one touchdown once more, a 35 yard touchdown and once again from a Phil Dawson kick. The Browns defeated the Patriots soundly and convincingly, 34-14.

Analysts are saying that the Browns seems to be powered up and fueled when playing against top ranked opponents in the NFL Power rankings but then to hibernate against other teams. Two weeks ago the Cleveland Browns also defeated New Orleans Saints in a convincing passion as well. This week the Cleveland Brows will face a top opponent, the New York Jets thus expect a good game once again from them.

San Diego Chargers also shows a stronger game last week and probably a late season confidence when they defeated the higher ranked and favored Houston Texans. The Texans had been sliding in the rankings and now they are 4-4 while the Chargers had been steadily gaining confidence and now at 4-5. They outscored the Texans in three quarters except thee second in which the Texans were able to hold them to a nil. The end score was 29-23 and the Chargers took home their fourth victory this season.

Now without further delay here is the NFL Power Rankings Week 10 with the latest win-loss status of our favorite NFL teams. The number in parenthesis indicates the NFL Power Rankings for Week 9.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (2), 6-2
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers (3), 6-2
  3. Atlanta Falcons (6), 6-2
  4. New York Giants (7), 6-2
  5. New York Jets (4), 6-2
  6. New England Patriots (1), 6-2
  7. Green Bay Packers (8), 6-3
  8. Philadelphia Eagles (12), 5-3
  9. New Orleans Saints (10), 6-3
  10. Indianapolis Colts (5), 5-3
  11. Tennessee Titans (9), 5-3
  12. Oakland Raiders (16), 5-3
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14), 5-3
  14. Kansas City Chiefs (11), 5-3
  15. Houston Texans (13), 4-4
  16. San Diego Chargers (22), 4-5
  17. Miami Dolphins (15), 4-4
  18. Washington Redskins (18), 4-4
  19. Chicago Bears (17), 5-3
  20. Jacksonville Jaguars (19), 4-4
  21. St. Louis Rams (21), 4-4
  22. Minnesota Vikings (23), 3-5
  23. Cleveland Browns (26), 3-5
  24. Seattle Seahawks (20), 4-4
  25. Arizona Cardinals (24), 3-5
  26. Cincinnati Bengals (25), 2-6
  27. Detroit Lions (27), 2-6
  28. San Francisco 49ers (30), 2-6
  29. Denver Broncos (28), 2-6
  30. Dallas Cowboys (29), 1-7
  31. Carolina Panthers (31), 1-7
  32. Buffalo Bills (32), 0-8

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