NFL Player Tim Tebow on His Pro Day Workout

No doubt, in the recently finished Super Bowl 2010, Tim Tebow has been one of the few football players who really shone because of his skills and tactics in the football field.

As he prepares for the Florida Pro Day on March 17, 2010, Tim Tebow is said to be having a “new look” on his workout. The anticipation comes from Tebow’s “re-tooled throwing motion” at the Gator’s Pro Day workout exceeding expectations of various football fans.

A lot of NFL head coaches, executives and scouts were amazed on how Tim Tebow threw his football prior to next month’s NFL draft. Tim Tebow said that he gets his inspiration to do well in football from his various football fans supporters, and also critics:  “I relish everything about it. The people who support me and believe in me, that pushes me, and the people who don’t think I can make it, that pushes me even more.”

Well, all I can say for Tim Tebow is that he is indeed a good football player. Continue to impress your football supporters and critics with your new footwork and skills in throwing football. See you in next year’s Super Bowl 2011 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas.

Below is a Youtube video showing Tim Tebow’s impressive football throwing skills.


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