NFL Draft Picks 2010: Tim Tebow Joins Denver Broncos

The first round of 2010 NFL took place today, April 22, at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Tim Tebow, the Gators college quarterback sensation was picked 25th overall and was able to convince  the Denver Broncos to join their team. The Denver Broncos received the pick from the Baltimore Ravens for three draft picks in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Tim Tebow has been in the eyes of critics with his arm strength and throwing motion. In a televised interview, Tim Tebow said: “I’ve just been working on drills constantly — three workouts a day trying to get better and get a team to believe in me. Not everybody has to like you. Just one team has to like you.”

Denver Broncos also picked wide receiver Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech with the 22nd NFL Draft pick, and moved back into the first round by trading three picks to Baltimore for the Ravens’ first-round pick.

After Tim Tebow’s pick for Denver Broncos, he spoke at a news conference saying “I’m just excited to be a Bronco!” Denver Broncos’ coach Josh McDaniels confirmed the 2010 NFL trade and he hoped that there would also be a lot of excited football fans in Denver with Tim Tebow joining their team.

10 thoughts on “NFL Draft Picks 2010: Tim Tebow Joins Denver Broncos

  1. i am now a faithful bronco fan. i have followed tim since his freshman year at florida,he makes football exciting to watch and you never now when he will break it for extra yardage…….. thanks coach josh11111.


  3. McDaniels is continuing to mortgage the future of the Broncons with his inexperienced hunches. Tebow obviously doesn’t have an NFL arm. Even if his attitude is a million times better than Cutler’s, it won’t make up for the fact that Cutler can throw the football twice as far in 1/4 the time.

  4. Wow – I am excited to see what plays Josh comes up with for Tim. I am so excited that Tim is a Bronco that even though I have moved to NE Patriot Land from Denver I will be looking for a TV package that will show the Broncos every week!!!

  5. I am happy for tebow.. and I understand that he has potiential. But denver needed to get db’s and linebackers. And elvis help… before he leaves the building… lol.. need a good rb. Its gonna be a long season… and if we start 6-0 again… lol. It will end the same way.. 7-10.

  6. Let me get this straight:

    2 National Championships
    2 SEC Championships
    1 Heisman Award
    9,288 yards passing, 88 TD’s, 16 Ints
    66.4 career passing percentage
    170.8 career Quarterback rating
    2,947 yards rushing
    57 rushing TD’s

    High School Stats:

    State High School Championship
    ~ 9800 yards passing, 95 TDs, 18 ints
    ~ 3100 yards rushing, 62 TDS

    This is a profile of a player who is not NFL ready? They all draft on potential. The highest bust rate by position in the first round of the NFL draft for the last 10 years is not quarterback, but it is defensive tackle. I would gladly hitch my career to Tebow, Jr. Analysists opinion or not. This is exactly why I was happy to accept the free jersey I got from

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