NFL Draft 2010 Picks: Thaddeus Gibson drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers

Just this hour, Thaddeus Gibson grabbed the headlines of hundreds of news websites and popular blogs around the world.

So why Thaddeus Gibson got uber famous all of a sudden? The answer is simple, it’s because he won the lottery. Yes, he won the lottery worth $5 Billion US Dollars!

Is that a joke? Yes it is! Thaddeus Gibson never won before and didn’t win 5 Billion US dollars. The main reason why Thaddeus topped the search trends is because he was drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers in the 4th round.

Thaddeus Gibson, Ohio State’s defensive linebacker Thaddeus was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fourth round this morning with the No. 116 overall pick.

That’s an awesome news isn’t it? Well, not so awesome if you’re not a fan and you don’t care about him.

Is Gibson really fit to join the Pittsburgh Steelers? At 6-foot-2 and 243 pounds, Thaddeus Gibson is similar in size to the Steelers’ starting outside linebackers, James Harrison (6-0, 242 pounds) and LaMarr Woodley (6-2, 265), so he’ll fit the system.

So that’s all for the latest news about Thaddeus Gibson. Yes, that’s all, really!

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