Nexus One Verizon and HTC Evo 4G Release Dates

It has been announced by Verizon and sprint that they would be releasing Google Nexus One. However, more recent news came out that they are dropping its release date because they will be releasing HTC Evo 4G instead. Both of them has withdrawn their support from Google Nexus One. Because of this, AT&T and T-Mobile would be the only carriers left for Nexus One.

If you would try to analyze the situation, Google is not losing anything here since both Nexus and HTC are their technology. As for comparison, EVO has larger screen than Nexus but both have the same resolution. Nexus however is slightly smaller and lighter that EVO. EVO has 2 cameras of 8 megapixels compared to Nexus having only 1 with 5 MP. The former could several computers to be connected to the internet because it can be used as a wireless hotspot.

Whichever case it may be, android tech war is really endless. We might not notice it, few days from now, another much better android phone would be out in the market. Improvement in our technology is really unstoppable.

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