Newest $100 Bill Unveiled: Photos, Details and History

Americans called it “Benjamins”. This is because in a $100 bill, the face of Benjamin Franklin can be seen on the reverse side of it. Aside from that it is also referred as the “C-Notes” based on the Roman numeral C which means 100.

As per history, year 1861, the first large size $100 bill has the size of 7.4218 × 3.125 inches and the face that can be seen there is the face of General Winfield Scott. It was in year 1914 wherein the face of Benjamin Franklin appeared. By year 1929, small sized $100 bill came, which is already in its standard size of 6.14 × 2.61 in, still has the face of Benjamin Franklin. It was issued as a Federal Reserve Note with a green seal and serial numbers and as a Gold Certificate with a golden seal and serial numbers.

By March 29, 1995, a major change has happened wherein it has adopted the contemporary style layout. It has a security features which includes watermark of Franklin to the right side of the bill, optically variable ink (known as O.V.I.) that changed from green to black when viewed at different angles, a higher quality and enlarged portrait of Franklin, and hard-to-reproduce fine line printing around Franklin’s portrait and Independence Hall.

Now, the newest design of the “Benjamins” has been finally shown. It was announced last month. Known to be the “Super Dollar”, it has a very sophisticated design and contains a Crane & Co. security feature called Motion, containing up to 650,000 microlenses embedded in the printing which will allow for an underlying image to shift when the bill is moved.

Here are photos of the unveiled $100 bill courtesy of Associated Press.

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