New Zealand’s 6.3 Killer Quake Showed Massive Destruction

The entire New Zealand is currently in the time of great chaos as a 6.3 killer quake shook Christchurch. At least 65 people are confirmed dead and the counting continues. Phone lines were knocked down and roads were cracked damaging the water lines thus flooding of several streets. The entire city is doomed as their 147 years old Christchurch cathedral toppled to the ground. Bleeding and limping people carrying each other in the street as they look for places to protect themselves from the falling debris.

Prime Minister John Key stated that they are witnessing “New Zealand’s darkest day”. The city of the country’s Canterbury region is still recovering from the September quake last year yet another one came which is more deadly. Although this time the magnitude is lesser but it killed people thus making it deadlier.

The quake struck shortly before 1 p.m Tuesday (7 p.m. Monday ET) followed by a series of aftershocks, including a 5.6-magnitude aftershock after 15 minutes. The United States Geological Survey recorded a second 5.5-magnitude aftershock shortly before 3 p.m. of the country’s local time.

PM Key went to Christchurch and just saw how awful the situation is. “People are just sitting on the side of the road, their heads in their hands. This is a community that is absolutely in agony,” he said. He confident enough that his country could recover but as of the moment they are on great chaos. “We will get through this, New Zealand will regroup and Christchurch will regroup but at the moment it’s a very, very dark day,” he added.

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