New York Fighting Workplace Harassment

Abusive bosses may see the end of their bullying days soon. In recent years the issue of bosses demonstrating abusive behavior has worsened partly due to the economic conditions. During better times, an employee can simply leave a company and seek employment somewhere else with hopes that the new boss would be more humane. With present conditions wherein the estimated unemployment rate is close to 10%, most employees would hang on to their jobs with very limited options. Limited options could even be a best case scenario as in some cases there is no other choice.

The state if New York is taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, as its senate passed a bill called Healthy Workplace Bill to prevent abusive behavior at work. The bill aims to protect employees from bosses who engage in hostile behavior such as verbal abuse, grave threats and other means of harassment at the workplace.

This should gain momentum that could spread across other states. The way I see it, the benefits go beyond employee satisfaction and a healthier workplace. Satisfied employees will also be more productive and can further contribute to the growth of an organization.

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