New Hollywood Trend: Shape Up Before the Big Day

Chelsea Clinton did it, she had her father Bill do it, I think if Alicia Keys was not heavy with child when she recently marched down the aisle she would also do it and now it is Hilary Duff’s turn to buff up before her altar date.

As if lugging around a million dollar engagement ring is not enough of a workout, the soon to be Mrs. Comrie is said to be working out five times a week to ensure that she’d be stunningly beautiful on her wedding day. Oh Hilary, I know you will look breathtaking.

Well, aside from being a very good motivation to get a consistent workout, a wedding is also a major stress producer.  So, aesthetics or looking good in a wedding gown is really not the only reason to shape up. According to Ms. Duff’s trainer, Harley Pasternak, working out religiously when preparing for a wedding helps brides to calm any pre-wedding day jitters and wedding preparation stress.

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