New Health Care Bill Pros and Cons: Summary, Good Side and Bad Side

The much talked about issue in USA today is the New Health Care Bill. It made the whole country stop for a while and they all watched the Representatives a while ago for it to be passed. The voting is over and the bill went through the House.

There has been speculations on what is this bill all about, what it covers, what are its good side and as usual and as always its bad side. The bill would cover a lot of individuals including those who already have illnesses, as to the insurance companies, it is somewhat unfair. They would be expecting losses especially for those who have pre-existing conditions. For those who are less likely be experiencing diseases, it is also unfair because they can’t use the insurance that much, though sickness is really unpredictable, it really pays to be ready.

Another thing that it brings is that the fine that they would be imposing for those who don’t have insurance 4 years from now. The fine would cost $695. The bill somewhat became compulsory. If there would be fines for non compliance, the tendency for this one is flooding of clients, could the insurance companies keep up with it, especially when most of the clients have pre-existing conditions.

The country would then be spending a lot of money for this. As the mostly said statement in the House awhile ago says, ” We would be spending money that we don’t have.”

The Americans are just hoping that the good side of the bill will out weigh the bad side. They are hoping that the bill wold be implemented well.

8 thoughts on “New Health Care Bill Pros and Cons: Summary, Good Side and Bad Side

  1. There are spelling errors, grammatical errors, and huge gaps in the pros/cons. I’m hoping you are a middle school student completing an assignment, and not an adult trying to educate others.

  2. seems like n. pelosi will get her amnesty for the under-hispanic world of calif. once this goes into effect and then she will be able to get a bigger jet for her family.

  3. This is a poorly written, hardly factual example of why the Healthcare Bill was passed. I’m going to guess that this was written by an adult, as much as it pains me to say it. This person obviously tried to explain the pros and cons, but instead explained why I believe thatmany people aren’t getting an education. What are you Amish? Go to school!

  4. Uh? Can this be any more insulting? I mean quite honestly, I could barely read the response… let alone get a clear view of the topic at hand… This is why I support public education… ITS FREE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

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