New Health Care Bill Pros and Cons: Obama Health Care Plan Explained

With the recent passage of the proposed Health Care Reform Bill in the House of Representatives, a lot of Americans are now looking for the explanation of the pros and cons of this new health care bill. They are asking themselves: “What does the health care bill mean to me?”

How can you explain the Obama Health Care Plan? Well, we all know that most Democrats agreed and voted “yes” to this new health care bill on the ground that it will help a lot of Americans with their health insurance costs.

In contrast, Republicans voted for a “no” simply because they claim that this Health Care Reform Bill is so expensive that it may hinder the growth of the US economy given that the total expenses of the US Government is pegged at $940 billion.

So given the contrasting ideas of both Democrats and Republicans in this Health Care Reform Bill, what are the pros and cons of this new health care bill to the millions of ordinary Americans? Let’s enumerate some of them.

Health Care Bill PROS:

1. Discrimination of health insurance companies will be eliminated. No more pre-existing conditions clauses in health insurance contracts.

2. Given the fact that millions of Americans will be insured by this new health care bill, the US Government can negotiate among health insurance firms to lower the premiums of their health insurance. This would mean less health insurance costs for a lot of Americans.

3. Tax credit will be given to those Americans who still cannot afford to avail health insurance to help them to have one.

4. Stiff competition among health insurance firms will possibly result to much lower insurance costs and more quality health insurance products and services.

5. Aside from the elimination of pre-existing conditions stated above, the coverage amount or sum insured will also be waived by health insurers.

Health Care Bill CONS:

1. Given the huge amount of expenses pegged at $940 billion in a spread of about 10 years, it might slow down the growth of heavily burdened US economy.

2. Insurance Availment Mandate. You have no choice but to get a health insurance. Otherwise, you will be subjected to a 2% tax increase which will be used to subsidize the insurance costs of other Americans. Healthy people who take care of themselves will have to pay for the burden of those who smoke, are obese, etc.

3. There will be a tax increase on people with very high income. If you are making more than half a million per annum, you will have about a 1% tax increase.

4. The US Government will have more control in the health insurance industry causing patients’ confidentiality to be more likely compromised since centralized health information will likely be maintained by the government.

5. Chances of bribery may possibly increase as health care equipment, drugs, and services may end up being rationed by the government.

162 thoughts on “New Health Care Bill Pros and Cons: Obama Health Care Plan Explained

  1. You write that healthy people will have to pay for the burden of smokers and obese people. You CAN NOT assume that people who smoke and people who are heavier than the idealized, irrational image of beauty and body size are drowning the economy. I smoke and have never had a health problem in my life. Think outside the box and try not to over generalize and stigmatize.

  2. I’m a consultant, Latin and uninsured. The president’s health bill is still unclear to me, and one particular line item that does not sit well with me, is the fact that I am mandated to have health insurance. I made a conscious decision to cut my health insurance during some financial hardships. Being able to have that flexibility allowed me to weather the storm and re-group. Now I am finally ready to shop for health insurance. I’m not sure how and when penalties would have been implemented in my case but I would really like understand this bill in it’s entirety.
    When I start a project I always have an exit strategy , what is the presidents exit strategy if this bill does more harm than good???

    change is good, destruction is not

    Manny Garcia NYC

  3. Seriously? If your uninsured and a bus hits you, or you slip down some stairs and break your arm, no matter how healthy you think you are, you can be crippled for life by the debt and costs under the old scheme. For the first time We will be protected and have access to public health, similar to the functioning countries in Europe or Australia and New Zealand, and your worried about the possibility of bribes and public confidentiality? (which will be protected) – grow a brain!!!

  4. You are required in Texas to carry car insurance to drive a car no matter if you ever get into an accident. On the same token you should be required to have health insurance. Why do I have to pay for all of the people who us the emergency room and have NO way to pay? As a society we will not turn them away, but someone has to pay for it – snd we already are. Healthcare is a money racket – who knows what the real cost is for an x-ray, cat scan etc – they bill the insurance whatver they want and we pay the premiums.

    I am not sure when Social Security was passed into law, but I am sure that whichever political party was on the opposite side opposed it as well. It’s easy to use scare tactics when change is occuring.

    We should applaud the fact that this issue is actually being addressed – it may not be the best piece of legislation, but at least it is a start.

  5. Ummm.. maybe because when you smoke you are being an idiot and causing unnecessary health risks. Lets be serious it’s proven that smoking is detrimental to your health. Don’t give me this b.s that you have never had a health problem.. You are most likely going to die from cancer have fun with that

  6. And to think all the Immigrants that came from communist countries with the hope of a socialist and democratic type environment will soon be reminded of what they had left behind. Unless they themselves are the ones reaping the benefits that we, whom have worked hard and long, have tried to provide for our families. But due to the governments intervention, they will spend far beyond what would have ever been saved by the common working class tying to make the reform work. You may ask yourself if they spend far beyond what would have been saved how would we pay the deficiency? Well people you are far smarter than the people that voted for this reform or the ones who elected the “reformer” for the “change”. Why do I say this? Because you know that the monies will come from you! It’s called more TAXES. I hope you can see the path that this is taken. Remember this if it’s not broken don’t fix it and you get what you pay for. I am willing to pay for quality healthcare why shouldn’t everyone else.

  7. Except what we are forgetting is that if a person still cannot afford health insurance, and is required to do so, and has a heart attack and goes to the hospital: 1. he or she cannot get help because they are uninsured
    2. he or she will be fined, jailed, etc for evading the health insurance law
    3. he or she can just die because they can’t afford health insurance.

    On the flip side, I’m healthy and uninsured. I get sick, I get help and pay for it. I don’t get sick, I don’t get help, I don’t pay for the help I didn’t get. When it comes down to it, the insurance that you pay for doesn’t cover the help that you need, and you still end up paying out of your pocket, or denied help. Mandatory low cost insurance will tell you, “you can live with that condition”, or “surgery can wait”. Same as before. Those who don’t need help will continue to pay, and those who truly need the help still won’t be able to get it.

    Medical costs are not as high as people are billed. It’s a big business of making money of people that are sick. A one day stay at the hospital, one visit from a doctor during that stay, one pack of insulin, and a low fat burger costs roughly $8000. Looks like a rip off more than a medical cost.

    If the gov’t wants a health care reform, then provide one. A free one. A low cost one. Don’t REQUIRE people to buy your insurance. In no way requiring the uninsured to obtain insurance is going to solve the problem of the uninsured.

  8. There is around an 88% chance that you will have health problems by the age of 60 if you continue smoking. We will all end up paying your bills to keep you alive then, what a waste. People who choose to smoke should have to pay more money or should not be allowed insurance, who is stupid enough to smoke anymore. It is so 80’s.
    Anyway, as for the healthcare plan. People who have worked hard to get an education and a good job already have insurance.
    In the long run this plan will not end up working. It seems that everything our government touches falls apart. We are a Democratic Republic let the people run things. Do we really want the government in charge of all that money? They will definitely use it for things other than health care. Then when people actually need the money it won’t be there. Think about social security. Who will be monitoring all of this money? Socialism here we come!

  9. “Not the best piece of legislation” may be a start, but in no way is it a good idea to pass into law! Especially not using the deem and pass tactics!

    And as for your argument that “they bill the insurance whatever they want”, exactly who do you mean by “they”? Because as someone who works in the healthcare industry, our prices are often set by Medicare. Other private insurance companies pay based off of Medicare’s prices and often, those prices do not even cover our materials costs. We, as a healthcare providers, lose money many times! Have you not heard the survey in the New England Journal of Medicine finding that almost half (46%) of primary care physiciansfeel that the passing of health reform will either force them out of medicine or make them want to leave medicine?! Good luck getting increased quality healthcare as you wait for months or longer for care just like in many of those “functioning countries in Europe”. I have patients come in from “those countries” to private pay for care here because they can get the care they want in a timely manner and would rather travel, take time off work, and pay out of pocket for better and more timely care here!

    Lastly, and it kills me to dignify the comment by addressing it but, “obese” is not an “idealized, irrational image of beauty and body size” but a medical term referring to a body fat percentage that has adverse effects on health and reduces life expectancy. You CAN assume that people who smoke and who are obese will have more medical issues, concerns, and expenses because countless medical studies have been done showing so.

    I am by no means saying our healthcare system is without flaws but Obamacare is not the answer!

  10. Stella Simpson: “Why do I have to pay for all of the people who us[e] the emergency room and have NO way to pay?”

    What do you think you’re doing with this bill, genius?

    And if its not the best piece of legislation, why didn’t the Democrats rebuild the bill WITH the Republicans to make it the best they could instead of ramroding it down our throats?

    And its not a start…its all were gonna get.

  11. Dear Stella Simpson.

    Your first sentence lays it all out there. In the STATE OF Texas. The federal government is not in charge of each state. This country was founded on the idea that each state could regulate itself with a constitution to cover them all. Government that makes mandatory laws forcing people to conform is called communism. Freedom of choice. Freedom of speech.

  12. This bill is a joke. To pay for expanded health care, the government plans to tax insurance companies. However, these same companies will be put out of business by legislation making it illegal to deny or charge more money for preexisting conditions. Without having to pay more for preexisting conditions, the customer is incentivized to wait until they get sick, accept the two percent, tax which is cheaper than buying any insurance policy, and force insurance companies to bear the full costs of their illnesses while getting very few of the premiums. This is simply a tricky attempt to bring about stagnant lowest-common denominator socialized medicine.

  13. It’s not just smoking and obesity you do realize that every time you get in a car,go snowboarding, pretty much any sport your putting yourself at risk for injury he’s not limiting it to just them, and if you want to be a boring lifeless person bound by fear than that’s on you.

  14. gaby… Its not a generalization.. Its FACT that people who smoke or are obese do have higher health risks. Not to say that thing’s wont happen to health middle ages non smokers. but it cant be considered Generalizations.. When it is medically PROVEN

  15. Maybe Obama should start a new bill, Making it mandatory to buy ALL extended warranties on ALL purchases. There are poor people out there who spend there last dime on the new “latest & greatest” “must have” and when that product dies they have no money left to replace it! They actually have to wait until the next paycheck! We need the Gov to step in and help people live beyond their means!!!

  16. Every person, no matter how healthy they are today, will some day face a disease or an illness. We are human and no one is safe or immune no matter how “young and healthy”. I’ve also read that there will be an option for younger people to buy a plan that only covers major health care costs above $6,000 at a reduced cost of a higher plan that covers more. The mathematics have also projected to reduce the deficit by over $130 billion dollars over 10 years. With the fact that there will be a lot less medical bankruptcies and hospitals will not have to write off expenses and pass them on to their patients, I can see how this bill can save money in the long run.

  17. Hello my fellow Americans. I, like all Canadians are blessed with Universal Healthcare so when I am sick or simply need to have my yearly check-up I dont think twice about going to my Doctors to ensure I am okay. I hear you all complaining about Obama’s heath-care reform and I am shocked and wonder if you feel the way you do because you all don’t know what you all are missing! People, your health is the most important thing in your life. Almost all 1st world countries have universal healthcare and the USA, which is seen as the most industrialized country in the world doesn’t??? We Canadians wonder if it is because Americans lack intellect to be so angry about something that will help each and every one of yous. Am I missing something because it just doesn’t make sense to me.

  18. Gaby,
    Good for you. It is precisely “inside the box” thinking like yours that has foisted this ridiculous hand-out on the population. It’s wonderful that your filthy habit hasn’t burdened us (never mind the second hand smoke issues)….yet! But the odds are overwhelmingly against the rest of us that you will one day require the generosity of the healthy to provide medical care for you as a result of your short-sighted, selfish habit. Your freedom to smoke should NOT include anyone subsidizing your poor choices.

    P.S. I smoked for 24 years. It was my choice and I will live (or die) with it. Nobody else should have to pay for my health care.

  19. I am excited about this victory. We have health insurance, but my husband works as an independent contractor. He also has Type I diabetes, and our family coverage is extremely expensive. My mother has been living on a Veteran’s pension and subsequently Social Security for years without health insurance. The health care system in this country has been broken for years. It took President Obama great courage and perseverence to make this issue a priority. Without our health, without proper preventative screenings, what can the citizens of this country hope to achieve? We must be a healthy nation before we can be a successful nation. People cannot get back to work if they are not well. Most U.S. citizens are far from healthy. The stress of paying exorbitant fees for health care, the concern over whether or not we will be seen in a hospital if we cannot produce our insurance cards and fill out the paperwork on a moment’s notice–this is a crisis. Bravo! This is long overdue.

  20. To Jacob,

    Have you ever spoken to anyone in europe or australia about how the health care system works? Well, I have. The governments over there say, “Yeah, it works great”. But you ask anyone that lives there and they hate it. The poor people complain that it is not enough and that the free care that they receive is below standards. Then you have the wealthy who are paying for everyone else to have the free care. It doesn’t work! This country is going down the toilet, I can’t wait to get out of here.

  21. Hmmm…so basically the government is making us buy something, making other companies lose money, and taking over people’s lives as well as a whole industry. Un-insured people now have to pay for a choice that they made based on financial or personal reasons. Other insurance companies are going to be told by the government to lower rates, which sounds great, but is just the government taking over private enterprise (a.k.a Communism). Probably the major con in this is that it affects the whole medical community. I guarantee less people are going to want to join the medical field with the reduced pay that will be caused by this bill, and the medical community will also lose millions of dollars in revenue from this, which will actually hurt all of America.

    America, home of the FREE: July 4, 1776-March 22, 2010. R.I.P

  22. This is typical socialist government thinking. Its ridiculous to to think that in this economy we need to burdon struggling financially strapped businesses, and households with such a requirement………Timing is everything!!

  23. Does anyone even consider the quality they recieve and the timely manner in which we recieve care?!?? There is a reason Canadiand come to the US for care and we are about to fall right into that same category. Not even mentioning what this is going to do to the economy! Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, here cones Obama with another strategy to place the US in a third world position even more than it is now! What next Obama??? Want our first borns too????!!!!

  24. “Government that makes mandatory laws forcing people to conform is called communism”

    That’s called government. I hate it when people throw around the word “communism” without knowing what it is.

    “And to think all the Immigrants that came from communist countries with the hope of a socialist and democratic type environment will soon be reminded of what they had left behind”

    Another example. Communism is a form of socialism.

    That being said, this bill sucks. Millions of Americans are uninsured because they can’t afford insurance? The solution? Force them to purchase “lower cost” insurance or face penalties. Makes perfect sense…

  25. u damn guys wats so bad with partial communism total democracy is bad bse the majority is usually made up of foooollls like reading some of ur posts God bless america
    stop being so selfish and yes the rich shud take care of the poor tho sadly idiots like smokers, druges also will benefit
    BTW U SHUD WATCH SICKO!!!! in other countries like france canada cuba where the rich & the govt pay 4 the poor so that everyone is taken care of the citizens dont have to bend over backwards 2 pay 4 heaalthcare
    Fellow americans u must learn 2 take care of ur own and treasure ones life bse its important 2 treasure life and 2day mayb someone else but 2moro it cud b ur sister, brother , lover ,parent, friend who needs thwt help
    Atleast obama is on hte rite track, it may take some time but atleast we guarantee a healthy future 4 our children in the future so nlet us support mayb not on other issues but on health care 4 alll DEFINATELY

  26. Raise my taxes because America needs it? Ok. I support my country, i’ll save the difference other ways.

    Seriously why do we care about people that can not afford health care? Really? Save your sob story, if you become ill and can not afford heath-care then accept that it’s just your time to go.

    Obama was only elected because ‘black’ people want a ‘brother’ in office, not knowing anything about the man they were voting for. I hope you Obama loving BUMS get hit by an uninsured motorist before this bill goes in effect!

  27. I pay over $250 a month for health insurance and live a very healthy lifestle but if I get sick I cannot afford to see a doctor because of the “hidden fees”! Its about time something was done, this is long overdue! Making healthcare a more standardized and seemingly fair plan and potentially lowering my monthly costs has me sold.

  28. I look at this situation possibly different than others. i believe that this bill is retarded in many ways. Every paycheck, I Have Medical and Social security Wzages Deducted. i do not have medical coverage or am not on social security.Why am i being taxed for something i do not have?i believe what should have happened with this bill is this, you work your entire life having these “Taxes” taken from your pay, that money should be accumulating in an government account for when YOU need it, not having these expenses taken out for someone elses cause. its my money let mer use it when i need it. i recently had to go to the hospital and recieved 3 stitches. i waited in the ER for 6 hours before being seem , and was only treated for 10 minutes, when i went through billing i was charged $607.00 FOR 3 STITCHES ON MY POINTER FINGER!!! Now i cannot pay this bill, but had the money that has been deducted from my check gone to MY MEDICAL EXPENSES it would have been able to have been paid. what is wrong with this country? cant we start living for life and stop living for money?

  29. The victims of “universal” healthcare

    The waiting time for treatment in Canada varies from 14 to 30 weeks. Waiting lists for diagnostic procedures range from two to 24 weeks. Some patients die while waiting for treatment. To stop sick people from circumventing the “free” system, the government of British Columbia enacted Bill 82 in 2003, which makes it illegal to pay for private surgery. Patients waiting for critical procedures are now forced to seek procedures in the U.S. and doctors are abandoning Canada in droves. Cleveland, Ohio is now Canada’s hip-replacement center. Ontario is turning nurses into doctors to replace some of the 10,000 doctors who left Canada in the 1990’s.

    What will patients do when it is illegal to seek private medical treatment in the U.S.? Politicians are already working towards that goal. State and federal regulation impose onerous regulations which forbid insurance companies from offering services such as basic coverage for emergencies by requiring coverage of many types of procedures. Medicare forces doctors to follow 130,000 pages of regulations. Critics often attack the “capitalist” nature of American health care system. The reality is that the government now pays for 50% of health care, and closely regulates the rest.

  30. All right, this plan may be flawed, but I’m really hoping it will help my husband before it’s too late. Two years ago, we were the typical middle class family, both working to support our kids and pay our bills. At 38 years old, he had a heart attack. Talk about unexpected! Because of that, and the complications from a subsequent surgery, he was unable to work for quite some time and lost his job and health insurance – the insurance that took care of all of us because my employer didn’t offer it. I took a lower paying job that offered insurance benefits so that we he could go to the doctor. We suffered financially and things were tough, but at least he could go to the doctor again. During that time he suffered another heart attack and had two more surgeries. I lost my job due to their attendance policy because I had to be with my husband in the hospital and also had to be there for my children. I had no one to take care of them.

    So here we sit, me struggling to find a decent job while being told I’m “overqualified” for the jobs I’m applying for in this economy as it stands. My husband’s health has deteriorated and he is now dealing with congestive heart failure, which could have been avoided had we had insurance and the ability to go to the doctor and afford his prescriptions. And still, we have no insurance. The state has been saying I make too much money to qualify for any type of help, including state medical, and I have felt totally helpless.

    I just want the people who are angry about this bill passing to understand that it’s a start. We have been productive members of society our entire lives, but when everything fell apart and we needed help, it wasn’t there. There are two sides to every coin. I’d be more than happy for my taxes to double if in the end it means my husband is provided with the insurance that we can’t afford and he survives to see his kids graduate high school. At this rate, he won’t even see them finish middle school.

  31. Well I found this site today doing a little research as to what in this new healthcare bill really is and how it will affect me and my family. I carry insurance on my family. Infact, we both carry insurance so that is double. Anyways, my youngest son was born with a heart major heart defect. He has just recently had open heart surgery. Our insurances were fighting with us on who was going to be primary. Birthday rule applies but they couldnt get past fighting over who was going to pay first. My problem with that is that my husband and I both pay our premiums weekly, they should pay. Simple as that. The last thing people need when they are going through something like this is put up with b.s. I think that there should be change. There a lot of systems in our government that need change. We don’t make a lot of money but we get by. We have a good roof over our head, vehicles to drive, food on our table, in general life is good. And we do it ourselves. That is life. But there does come a time in everyones life when they need help. And I speak from personal experience. When my son was having surgery, we were off work for several weeks. If it had not been for the generousity of people who donated us money, we would have lost our home because, like most people, we live paycheck to paycheck. Now, I will be paying that forward. That is what people should do. I think people need to grow up. The people that gripe cause they have to help people and the people who believe that everybody owes them something. I don’t mind helping people, and have done so numerous times in the past, but people don’t want to help people who won’t help themselves. I know people need help with insurance and medical bills, and I don’t have a problem doing my part to make this world a better place, but my problem is helping the people who won’t get a job when they are perfectly capable. Or they choose not to carry insurance when their job offers it because they are too cheap to pay $35 a week to carry their family because why should they, the state will pay their bills. And I do know some one I worked with who said exactly that “im not paying for that, i get it for free from the state”. That “free” from the state should be going to someone who really does need the help. Not some cheap moron who wants to rip the rest of us off. Like I said, I love to help people who need the help, it is what God wants us to do, but those people out there “stealing” the help out of mouths that really need it are only hurting everybody else in the end.

  32. There are many different opinions on this matter, but people fail to see that there are going to be a lot of people helped with this bill being passed. I for one agree with many different sides of this and honestly don’t have the tightest grasp of this whole bill, but I will say this:

    Those of you who are healthy, will help the unhealthy.
    Those who are unhealthy, will be better taken care of.

    If physicians leave the medical field because of the cost of this bill, then why’d you get into medicine? How does cost and gain/lose control have to do with helping people? I don’t understand your bases upon this.

    Obama is trying to help, but everyone throws the brick at him every time he doesn’t conform to a couple of peoples wishes. The man does his tough job as it is, let him be.

    I know this will hurt us for a while, but if you’re worried about money, then this will hurt everyone.

    The greed of the american society always throws me for a loop, we don’t love each other enough!

  33. I worry more about tax hikes and other things relating to money. Considering I am only 17, the worrys of healthcare is beyond me still, however when I hit 21-26 and now forced out of my parents insurance, not only will I have to pay lots of money on a job that won’t pay me like the CEO’s of banks and CEO’s of car dealerships, this of course only means that I will have to struggle more than I would before this bill. I figure the biggest problem is the money. As I don’t have a job now, I would need to pick up two jobs (there for paying more on taxes because of the bill) and dealing with school, and other such things, it really makes it irrational to make a bill as such which will keep everyones kids struggling for the rest of their lives based on the idea that the middle and lower class should pay up and not the CEO’s

    In conclusion, the cons I am seeing regard money, money of course which the goverment doesn’t have and thus is left to two choices: 1. borrow from orther countrys (which will increase the dept of our nation by trillions, and possibly add war against our country because we can’t pay them back) or 2. where the taxes get jacked up on the lower and middle class (as CEO’s and most if not all rich people will evaide taxes) and rob me of 9/10ths of my money in the name of the bill (however because Obama and the other moronic people in the goverment won’t want to say that they were wrong and the bill killed us, they will most likly name your taxes “country preservation and supplies.” so that you won’t think it is “healthcare bill was a stupid move so now we need more money because we won’t get off our lazy butts and tax the rich.”

    I’m hoping people read this and relize that obama was a bad move, the healthcare bill is a bad move…. and ironicly Obama said that he’d have all our troops back home by now (LIE!) and constantly there have been remarks (including one person getting up and yelling “You lie!!” our on one of his speeches)

    All the best


    To contact me further, get xfire ( and look up “icesubzerol”

  34. Why is it up to someone else to take care of you? Why is it that someone who worked hard their whole life should take care of someone that has not. Try being responsible for yourself. Bottom line stop looking for a handout!

  35. Universal health care is a wonderful thing, This bill does not qualify as such. Forcing people to pay for health insurance and calling it universal health care is an oxymoron. Granted, someone has to pay but “pay or else” is not acceptable.

    For those of you who condemn smokers, obese people and others; remember that we have not touched the surface of genetic flaws that relate to health and addiction. Condemnation of others is wrong and doing so without forthought is foolish. 7.8% of the US population has diabetes. 1 out of 33 people are born with birth defects. Think of the impact of that on our health care system.

    Ranting and raving about who deserves health care, whether they be rich or poor, whether they take undue risks or maintain healthy life styles or whether they are born to poor health is not the issue here. The mandate is to offer everyone an equal opportunity for the longest, healthiest life they can achieve reguardless of their flaws.

    We need reform that adresses the needs of people without health care and those who cannot afford health care without making them poorer.

  36. Whoever made the comment about smokers and obese people not downing the ecomony and using the fact that they are a smoker who has never had health problems as a way to justify thinking outside of the box…you are a freakin idiot.

  37. Beth Levine, I am not looking for a handout. I HAVE worked my whole life and so has my husband. Our lives were turned upside down two years ago and now we NEED the insurance that we supposedly don’t deserve. I have paid plenty of money into the system and now when I need it because sometimes there are circumstances beyond my control, people tell me that I’m asking for a handout. I most certainly am not. Because of all this, I’m trying to explain to my 10 and 6 year olds why daddy is dying. I’m preparing for life as a single mother because no matter how hard we worked and how well we were doing in the past, we lost everything and there is nobody around to help us. It’s horrible when you watch somebody you love die.

    Read my above post if you haven’t already. And if you have and you still believe that I’m asking for a handout, that says a lot about society as a whole. I’m not attacking you at all. Your comment just hit a nerve. It hurts me to think that people assume because you have no insurance you’re asking for something for free. Like I said, we have both worked all of our lives. I am doing my best to support all of us now because he physically can’t, but without insurance to get him the health care he needs, he will die. Period. You can’t treat heart failure without doctors and you can’t see a cardiologist without insurance. When you lose your job because you have a heart attack and are left with nothing, what do you do? Apparently you either ask for “handouts” or you die. Just realize that nothing is ever black or white…

  38. What percentage of U.S. Americans ARE smokers and are obese??? These are issues that we see in every city throughout the U.S. and is clearly noticeable. We have insurance companies that discriminate now based on these subjects so, why is it a big deal now?? I would like to know how much a U.S. citizen pays for a doctor visit or emergency room visit when they DON’T have insurance????? People are doing a lot of complaining about something that is far more better than what we have now and for some what they do NOT have now ~wink~ The United States present health care system is more worse than some countries that are poorer than we are? Does that make any sense???? No, it doesn’t and for anyone to say that it does would have to help me understand why it makes sense!

  39. I work two jobs, I can’t afford health insurance. I’m pretty healthy, but I do get sick. And I put off going to the doctor because I can not afford it. I voted for Obama and I support this health care reform, all the way. I think most of you are just being a bit selfish when it comes to paying more taxes. It will make our country better and stronger in the long run. Either stop being selfish and support your President or leave the country and go pay outrageous amounts of money for health insurance. Just stop complaining about everything, he’s making a change. It will be for the better.

  40. Go OBAMA Go OBAMA. Obama is the MAN, he can take care of business and put aside the politics and do the best thing for the people who live in United States. No more pre existing rejection BS from these major insurance companies.

  41. a couple of points for those in favor and those not in favor. Why is this healthcare bill 2,700 pages? I tell you why because there is everything but the kitchen sink in this bill. Illegal aliens will not be required to pay or be fined.
    Abortions will be paid for by everyone of us prolife or not prolife. IRS and the goverment will have direct access to your bank accounts. IRS agents will be in charge of collecting the premiums for this health care. Your care will be rationed.
    Most of all the type of doctors that will be giving you this care will be sub-standard.

    Besides recieving poor quality healthcare everything our goverment does ends up a dissaster. If you think healthcare is expensive now wait to you see what it costs when it’s free! Oh yes one last thing, if this Obammacare is so great why isn’t any of the Congress or other cronies going into it!

  42. Yea, but what happens when we all have to wait in line to get our knee repaired or wait 6 mos.- 1 yr. to get the much-needed stent in our arteries to prevent that future life-threatening heart attack. Right now I can get any test or procedure that my doctor feels is needed AND I don’t have to wait!

  43. @gaby
    Gaby smoking is unbelievably bad for you. Approximately 90% of all lung cancers are caused by smoking and lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in males and females in the US. Even more common than cigarettes causing lung cancer is that they will almost definitely cause chronic bronchitis or emphysema (usually a combination of the two). I am currently a medical student and have worked for a long time in a hospital and have to tell you these are horrible and debilitating diseases. Smoking has also been definitely linked to increases in heart attacks by damaging vessel walls in your heart and facilitating clots. If you continue to smoke, you will eventually develop these problems if you’re lucky (by that I mean if a bus doesn’t kill you first). I have to agree with Mike when he said Your freedom to smoke should NOT include anyone subsidizing your poor choices. Smoking is without a doubt the number one modifiable risk factor for both lung and heart diseases.

    As far as obesity is concerned, it is a little more of a gray area. Not because it doesn’t increase risk (step inside a hospital and take a look at how many people are overweight) but because it has been suggested that there is a genetic correlation which would put some people at a disadvantage for getting in shape compared to other people. This is still no excuse for the rampant obesity in America today and obesity is definitely a huge risk factor for hospitalizations. If this weren’t obvious enough, here’s a paper to show this

    I don’t care if you smoke, it’s your right as an American. It is not, however, your right to expect other people to pay for your stupidity.

  44. I totally agree with Gaby. I do not smoke,I do not drink nor am I overweight and I had a heart attack in December. Remember smokers & obese people has insurance and pay taxes too.

  45. Honestly, I think it is great. It surprises me, after reading all of these posts, how selfish some people are. Yes, you may have to help pay for other peoples health care, but whats so wrong with that? Are you really that self absorbed that you would rather buy a new flat screen TV than help a child dying of leukemia?

    Health care should be mandatory because although you may think you are perfectly healthy, you could have a tumor the size of a baseball inside your body that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to remove. I am pretty sure all of you stating that you a perfectly fine without insurance would not be perfectly fine then.

    And to the people saying that Europeans, Australians, and Canadians hate their universal health care system, that is ridiculous. Everyone I know, including my whole family, who live in those areas love their health care! My grandfather (who lives in England) recently had to go to the hospital because of a heart attack, and now he has a nurse coming to his house everyday to check up on him and make sure he is okay with no cost to him.

    I don’t think that the new health care plan is perfect, but it is DEFINITELY a step in the right direction.

  46. considering the fact that the majority of Christians in the world reside in the united states i find it hard to believe all of the post stating that help and aid from the govenment is what we need. The Bible says if a man won’t work then he shall not eat.

    We have many issues in our country but more government will never be the solution. It used to be unheard of to ask for handouts and charity because people used to have pride and used to want to earn their own way in life, then the depression hit and we have been on government handouts ever since.

    I’m glad we have an abundance of nieve people but seriously after the biggest rip off in history that we call social security should have taught everyone a lesson. Even when the government has good intentions they still screw everything up. Did you konw that when social security was pushed through it was stated that they would absolutely never dip into that fund for other spending but sure as shit that is exactly what they did.

    Oh i got another one, remember the seat belt laws, oh we won’t pull you over if your not wearing a seat belt, you will just get another ticket if you were breaking a different traffic law. Now it’s Click-It or Ticket and the governments spending millions and advertising this.

    I have one question, how many lies are you going to believe from our government before you figure it out?

    For all of you out their that are desperate and in need of help my heart goes out to you. I know times get rough, but i assure you that you will be better off putting your faith in god and not in our government or this healthcare plan.

  47. Lynae…first of all, people live everyday with CHF. Your husband is not dying of CHF. Get your facts straight before expecting sympathy. Secondly, you are 36ish and “your whole life” of working is only a short time comparitively. You better put on your big girl panties and go back to work. Your 10 and 6 year olds better be in school. That gives you 8 hrs a day to work. Unless you are truely a typical sleezeball that expects to live off of me!

    Obama’s plan is nothing more than a way for low life sleezeballs to get more from people who are educated and take the initiative to find a job. I worked my butt off to get a good job with good benefits, for what?? So Obama can hand it out for free to anyone who is just above asking for the state appointed handouts?

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