New Health Care Bill Pros and Cons: Obama Health Care Plan Explained

With the recent passage of the proposed Health Care Reform Bill in the House of Representatives, a lot of Americans are now looking for the explanation of the pros and cons of this new health care bill. They are asking themselves: “What does the health care bill mean to me?”

How can you explain the Obama Health Care Plan? Well, we all know that most Democrats agreed and voted “yes” to this new health care bill on the ground that it will help a lot of Americans with their health insurance costs.

In contrast, Republicans voted for a “no” simply because they claim that this Health Care Reform Bill is so expensive that it may hinder the growth of the US economy given that the total expenses of the US Government is pegged at $940 billion.

So given the contrasting ideas of both Democrats and Republicans in this Health Care Reform Bill, what are the pros and cons of this new health care bill to the millions of ordinary Americans? Let’s enumerate some of them.

Health Care Bill PROS:

1. Discrimination of health insurance companies will be eliminated. No more pre-existing conditions clauses in health insurance contracts.

2. Given the fact that millions of Americans will be insured by this new health care bill, the US Government can negotiate among health insurance firms to lower the premiums of their health insurance. This would mean less health insurance costs for a lot of Americans.

3. Tax credit will be given to those Americans who still cannot afford to avail health insurance to help them to have one.

4. Stiff competition among health insurance firms will possibly result to much lower insurance costs and more quality health insurance products and services.

5. Aside from the elimination of pre-existing conditions stated above, the coverage amount or sum insured will also be waived by health insurers.

Health Care Bill CONS:

1. Given the huge amount of expenses pegged at $940 billion in a spread of about 10 years, it might slow down the growth of heavily burdened US economy.

2. Insurance Availment Mandate. You have no choice but to get a health insurance. Otherwise, you will be subjected to a 2% tax increase which will be used to subsidize the insurance costs of other Americans. Healthy people who take care of themselves will have to pay for the burden of those who smoke, are obese, etc.

3. There will be a tax increase on people with very high income. If you are making more than half a million per annum, you will have about a 1% tax increase.

4. The US Government will have more control in the health insurance industry causing patients’ confidentiality to be more likely compromised since centralized health information will likely be maintained by the government.

5. Chances of bribery may possibly increase as health care equipment, drugs, and services may end up being rationed by the government.

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  1. Mr. Canadian – I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM!!!!! The founding fathers wrote the constitution with the intention of the United States to be a republic, not a democracy. It’s power-seeking law makers that have taken the US down this path of distruction. We the people need to take back the country that was intended for us. The government only has as much power as we give them so in that aspect this is our fault but there are also a lot of things that we legally cannot do to ensure that all of our Constitutional, GOD given rights are granted… I don’t have the answers but I know that this is NOT the answer America needs..

  2. Looks like the cons outweigh the pro’s. Even though you listed 5 on each side. Forcing me to purchase insurance that I don’t need or would possibly want, seems to be in violation of the preamble in my right to seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Liberty is not furishing someone else’s health care and it doesn’t make me happy

    1. Paying over $1,000 a month and trying to live on less than $1,000 a month because of it doesn’t make me happy. I think this will help people like me who get stuck paying way to much for health insurance. And one of the cons could actually be a pro for me…if health information is less confidential…maybe they will no longer have these privacy laws which by the way are causing me loads of stress because people won’t talk to my mom about things for me when I want them to, even though I signed loads of papers, they routinely lose the papers or insist I have to sign a new one every 2 weeks. Most of the cons dont affect me as I don’t make that much money.

  3. even with the new health care bill i still wouldn’t be able to afford insurance I’m a full time student online and a part time baby sitter my rent alone takes everything I get plus my employers are so broke they end up paying me in food stamps. the bill states that I will have a tax increase if I don’t get insurance, but the law states that we all have a right to make choices and as long as the choice we make isn’t damaging or hurting anyone else, there will be no punishment! how can you punish the weak and the poor for what our latests presidents have done this includes you obama! sending jobs over seas doesn’t bring our revenue back up it takes away Americas financial needs and keeps us all in the poor house unless your rich like bad pitt or jeff gordon you are never going to truly be able to support yourself and family which means health care still comes last and you can’t legally force someone into doing things your way or the highway this isn’t the old days hell even back then look what happened we left England and came to America land of the free home of the brave is what we are all supposed to be but everytime some new person gets higher up in office all we see is america land of the opressed an home of the enslaved, is that really what you want for this world obama? you best think on it! remember it was the people who put you in office and it is the people who can and will remove you from that office!

    1. Ahh from what I read IF. U cannot afford ins u will be giving tax credits towards ins I’m not sure how that will work however I have a family of 5 including myself and have a mortage to pay and cannot afford ins through my company which would take between 1/3 to 1/2 my check depending on which plan I go with. That said I am with medicaid and pay about $40 a mth or somewheres about there thanks to obamacare I can do that and not worry about how I’m gonna feed my family. Basically they r saying if u r healthy and can afford ins and decide u don’t want ins u get taxed I also think this applys to those making 200,000 a yr so those of us making under $200,000 a yr need not to worry about the 2% tax

  4. I usually lean to the right in voting, but I am still torn about this health care bill. The problem right now is shotty reporting by both sides of the media. For instance, this article, the pros are all in fact, part of the health care bill. However, the CONS are either draw incorrect conclusions, or are purely speculation (items 1, 4, and 5).

    What happened to old fashion neutral and responsible journalism? This bill is flawed, and it will not solve all the problems facing America’s health care system, but the flaws listed are not acurate. Report factually, or not at all…

  5. Serenity: First of all, you realize that your being paid in food stamps is illegal right? The fact that you are able to pursue an education while living in poverty is a privilege that people in other countries to have. We all need health insurance at some time, even if we are healthy we are one illness away from financial ruin. When an uninsured person goes to the hospital and is unable to pay for the care received, we all end up paying in higher health care costs which ends up costing more in insurance premiums for those who can afford insurance. I agree, the bill is not perfect, nothing is but we have to start somewhere! ! !

  6. D-Rock is completely right, the cons are nothing more than speculation. Saying that with this bill, the “Chances of bribery may possibly increase,” is simply a psychological attack to attach negative thoughts to Health Care Reform! Serenity, if you actually took the time to listen to Obama, you’d clearly understand he’s all about bringing homes back to the homeland. I could go into detail to debunk the hell out of you, but just do some research and you’ll understand Obama’s simply about helping the people of America, thus helping America. Just do some actual research and stop listening to completely biased idiots; Though, I completely understand how hard this is, seeing as we live in a Media run society. That is why you believe what you do, isn’t it?

  7. the thing is everyone at some point needs insurance. so it’s better to have it and use it even when u think u’r healthy. getting physicals yearly is a big part of being heathly it’s called preventive care. and if u’r healthy now and don’t have insurane then what happens if u find out u have cancer or aids than u have a prexisting condishion u can’t get insurance and have to pay out of pocket gong into debit with medical bills hundred of thousands worth. witch is better paying a little every year not being sick or going into debit and being sick cuasing stress on family and u’r self compermising the treatments u do get or may be able to afford or not getting treatments becuase u can’t afford them. health care reform bring it on!

  8. Im so tired of all this unrealistic whining… especially about how this is an issue of liberty. If you all drive, which im assuming most of you do, you are forced to pay car insurance. I dont see anyone whining and being outraged at how being forced to pay for car insurance (which is punishable by a traffic fine and arrest warrant when failing to do so) is a violation of their constitutional rights. I don’t see good drivers demanding a change because they shouldnt have to pay for other peoples mistakes. So unless you’re going to refuse to pay your car insurance and protest that its a violation of your rights during your court case, spare me this nonsense excuse about health care.

  9. Here’s what’s obama wants.

    Here’s a way for America to cut its spiraling healthcare costs: ice floes.

    This idea isn’t mine. It’s President Obama’s. Or rather, it’s where we’re likely to end up if the president prevails on Congress to pass the adventurous healthcare reform proposal currently being discussed, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates will cost about $1 trillion over the next 10 years. That’s on top of Medicare’s annual $327-billion budget, whose massive deficits, if they continue at the same rate, are predicted to bankrupt the Medicare system by the end of the next decade.

    In looking for a way to fund healthcare, Obama has set his eye on the oldest and sickest. You see, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, about 30% of Medicare spending — nearly $100 billion annually — goes to care for patients during their last year of life. What if there were no “last year of life,” the president seems to be asking. The Eskimos used to set their elderly and sickly adrift on the ice or otherwise abandon them during times of scarcity, and that, metaphorically speaking, is what Obama would like us all to start doing.

    The scarcity of resources to pay for expensive medical procedures will only increase under a plan to extend medical benefits at federal expense to the 47 million Americans who lack health insurance. So why not save billions of dollars by killing off our own unproductive oldsters and terminal patients, or — since we aren’t likely to do that outright in this, the 21st century — why not simply ensure that they die faster by denying them costly medical care? The savings could then subsidize care for the younger and healthier.

    Obama was talking the health Care plan on ABC: what he wants is one-size-fits-all procedures that physicians would have to follow at the risk of not being paid by the government. And the government would increasingly be the payer if Obama’s proposed “public option” health insurance crowds out, as it inevitably will, private health insurers forced to compete with a tax-subsidized government entity. A pacemaker for your otherwise tough-as-nails 99-year-old mother? Forget it, Mom, you die.

    I’d like to be the one who makes the “difficult decision” as to whether I can afford — and thus really want — that hip replacement in my extreme old age. Sorry, President Obama, but I don’t want “society”– that is, government mucky-mucks — determining that I’ve got to go sit on an ice floe just because I’m old and kind of ugly, no matter how many fancy degrees in medicine or bioethics they might have.

    Economists and real estate experts are saying that a $75 billion mortgage bailout program designed by the Obama Administration has backfired and harmed the housing market, reports the New York Times:

    “The Obama administration’s $75 billion program to protect homeowners from foreclosure has been widely pronounced a disappointment, and some economists and real estate experts now contend it has done more harm than good.

    The failed mortgage bailout is reminiscent of the government’s attempt to reduce burdens on irresponsible credit card borrowers, through a new law, the CARD Act of 2009, that backfired and resulted in the return of annual fees, bizarre interest rate hikes for some responsible borrowers, and the elimination of many cash back and rewards programs.

    The unemployment rate is stuck at 10 percent. If calculations include Americans who aren’t in the labor force because they stopped looking for work or were forced to take part-time jobs, the unemployment rate has been above 17 percent since September. The Obama administration promised that the incredibly costly stimulus package would keep unemployment down to 8.1 percent, but the result of so much spending has been more job losses – and Americans are angry.

    Mr. Obama used the State of the Union to push a second stimulus package. But with massive deficits mounting and stimulus cash going to everything from unknown ZIP codes to $1.57 million to search for fossils in Argentina, it’s painfully obvious that a second stimulus would simply throw more money down the drain. Contrary to Mr. Obama’s bizarre assertion that all economists support his orgiastic spending, basic economic data suggest the stimulus actually increased unemployment and delayed recovery.

    The president claimed the first stimulus package already “created or saved” more than half of the 3.5 million jobs it was vowed to rescue. But it’s hard to see where those jobs are when examining the numbers in the Department of Labor’s household survey, which is used to measure the official unemployment rate. The number of people with a job fell by 589,000 in December. On top of that job loss, the number of people no longer in the labor force grew by an astounding 843,000 from November to December.

    Since February, when the stimulus package was passed, the number of people not in the labor force has grown by 3.2 million. The number for December represents 26 percent of the entire increase. This is important because these millions of people are not included in the official unemployment rate. The crisis of unemployed Americans getting discouraged and giving up looking for work is ballooning. Of course, they have good reasons to be discouraged. Since February, the total number of jobs has fallen by 4 million.

    The growth in the U.S. unemployment rate continues to outpace the rest of the world.

    A new CNN poll shows that nearly three out of four Americans think the stimulus money has been wasted. The problem is worse than that; the so-called stimulus actually has increased unemployment and delayed the recovery that economists were predicting last year.

    Employment has been in a free fall since Mr. Obama entered the White House. This is not what he promised in return for almost $1 trillion in stimulus spending. The country cannot afford another anti-stimulant stimulus package. Congress needs to put its foot down before the president wastes even more money and puts our children and grandchildren even deeper into debt.

    Would I reelect Obama, No!
    would I want to see Him Impeached, Yes!
    Do I wish McCain was in office now, Yes!
    Do I think Biden would do a better job: No!
    Do I think people would vote for Biden next election: No!
    Who would I like to see get into office: all jokes and inside I think Denziel Washington would do a great job, as well as Ron Paul.
    Do I think Biden should be made president if Obama is impeached: No!

  10. Seriously you guys sound so close minded and selfish…look at the healthcare in canada…Children up to the age of 12 are covered for dental and medical on the medicare card…Maternity leave is 15 weeks paid plus 35 parental weeks that can be divided between mother and father Thats a year to raise your child!!!!…Hospital stays..physician visits..almost everything is covered 100% if not a portion of it…an average person pays 60$ a month for a private dental,short term and long term disability and medical plan( that includes chiropractor massages etc)I mean this is where OBAMA is trying to bring you guys and your whining like dogs! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! This is a start!!In canada it is very rare someone goes bankrupt over medical expenses!!!YOU NEED TO BE WILLING TO GIVE A LITTLE TO GET A LOT!!!And some of you really need to get your facts straight…it’s ok to go outside sometimes and explore new things!!!GET OUT MORE!!!

    1. There are a lot of misinformed people apparently!!

      Obama care costs 10% of your wages even if you are barely middle class if you have decent insurance considered “cadillac” insurance. You make 3300 you pay 330. If that is before taxes you take home roughly 2300 minus 330. I escaped poverty and now I am back in it. My dream of home ownership is dead.
      Further my “Cadillac” insurance was the only thing that saved my life when I had an aneurysm and needed the best Dr money could buy. The next one I will not have that option because my company goes to Obama care. I will most likely die. Yet I get to pay for some Mexican to come here pregnant, give birth, and get free medical and welfare. While i get to die!
      Plus they take our jobs for the young people, college students, and high school students!!

      As far as Canadian insurance. They go on a waiting list for medical procedures. Many come to the united states for care because of their “Awsome” insurance program!!

  11. Ron Meyers, sir, I salute you. You have said everything. Carolyne, WTF? Who cares about Canada? Aside from the beauty of its mountains and waters, they don’t quite contribute to much. Maybe you should move there.

  12. first of all I’d like to say that this bill will not ruin america it will actually make it better just look at the pros and cons. most of the cons are just assumptions not facts for example #5 says chances of bribery MAY POSSIBLY it is far from certain that it will and if you had taken the chance to read elsewhere you would see that the government would prevent it from happening as for the cost sure it might cost us some for the next decade but it will be worth it since it will also lower cost soon after that. as for people like serenity he could afford it since it did state in the pros that tax credit will be given to those who cant afford it and the competition will make other health insurers lower their cost which means cheaper prices for everyone

    1. Have you ever worked for the government….have you been in the military…the governmetn is capable of a lot of things…dont speculate on things if you dont know what your talking about..research and be a little smarter….

  13. well, Reality Check, up there ^.. driving is a privilege first of all, not a right. you want to drive your vehicle, you are demanded and expected to obtain vehicle insurance. is that what u want? American’s health compared and equivalent to car insurance? that’s just ignorance,quite frankly. I, personally, are one of the millions of Americans without health insurance and have been for the past 3 years. I do not oppose the health care reform. 🙂 Thank you Obama! (knowledge replaces fear, BTW)

  14. Iam not high on politics but I do believe our president is trying to clean up what we have come close to destroying! What do we have to go through to clean up this mess? Sacrifice! To all these people who are against this reform.. May God bless you with great health!

  15. Well I believe very little in politics for my life’s daily ins and outs are more important. Although I believe a lot of the negative vibes being thrown out towards our FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT is BS!!! At least Obama is looking out for all of us as a whole. He is only trying to make it easier for everyone. As a low income single father it is required of me to have coverage on my child by the court and with paying child support that don’t leave a lot of money left for that, so what’s the difference if the government does. This plan will help myself and single father’s like me at least have a fighting chance. This comment about parents paying their kids insurance till they are 26 and being catty about it is a sign of ignorance. The plan simply will allow that coverage on one plan and keep that premium down. And I don’t know about the rest of society but when I was 26 I was helping my parents pay bills. Having coverage will be just another bill but at least with the freeze on pricing and refusing we ALL have a chance. I have heard Europe has a great society care plan and thanks to someone here CANADA has one as well. The whole “I’m healthy why should I have it?”(ok let see you say that when you get shot) and “why should we pay for someone else?” is ludicrous. As the expression goes there is no I in TEAM!!!! It takes all of us to better our world. And another expression is IT TAKES A VILLAGE….. well it takes the whole NATION to make our world a better one.!!!!!!!!!! Yes everyone can shoot their opinion pro or con but my one question for everyone is DO WE WANT TO CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE??? or do we want to put our faith in our NATION’S LEADER and help him bring OUR FUTURE and OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE to a better place. As far as I am concerned(not that my opinion is all that) I think this bill will benefit us all. Stop the blindness, only justice has that privilege, and see that what OBAMA is doing is in the best interest for our future and the world we will leave our children. WE DON”T WANT THEM TO SUFFER THE WAY WE DID.

    1. I absolutely agree that all people need help….but what i dont like is when every one else is paying for someone else’s insurance….i believe in helping people who truly need it and not helping people who try to work the system by not doing what it takes to further themselves in life. And i don’t agree with the badgering of the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT…can we please forget he is black and concentrate on what he is going to do for the nation….and shame on you if you voted for him because he is black you should have voted for him because you believed in what he was bringing to the table.

  16. @Ron Myers et al: I would like to take a moment to look at Mr. Myers argument opposing the proposal under scrutiny. Paragraph one: “$1 trillion over the next ten years”. This idea of a trillion US dollars may seem daunting but we must take into perspective the amount of money that is relative to nation-wide spending as a whole. Just in one year the US spent $2.3 trillion on health care, to add a billion a year brings spending to 2.4 annually with only one tenth of that coming from the government itself.

    I am a bit biased on the “final year” topic due to my own beliefs so I will move on to the next key point.

    The CARD act of 2009 has not, in fact, brought back “bizarre interest rate hikes” but rather has given cardholders the option to close an account after any interest hike while also providing that credit card companies disclose any hikes at least 45 days in advance. I have not heard anything about reward programs being eliminated but after reading over the provisions in the act I cannot see how it could have directly influenced that change. What I do see is an effort to stop companies from advertising to kids and a requirement for companies to disclose the length of the debt along with the minimum payment option on bills. Both of those, among others, seem to be positive for the country to me. If anyone else has more info on this topic please rebut.

    Unemployment is certainly a vital issue that accompanies our current economic status. I am not sure where the total, quoted by Ron (7%), of Americans having stopped or being forced to look for part-time work comes from but I think the process of calculating the rate is under fire here. The way that unemployment rates are calculated is both meticulous and painstaking. The number of people receiving unemployment benefits is taken into account but makes for only a minimal part of the process. The actual determinants include detailed and specific geographic areas, personal interviews, factual data and intensively trained interviewers. Thus the 10% (9.7 this month) is arrived at not by some objective government definition but by subjective data collected from across the nation. It is true that unemployment has risen over the last year and I would love to hear more about what else may be causing this. Unfortunately the argument surrounding inaccurate reporting of numbers of unemployed individuals is inaccurate itself.

    The nation lives in debt and we as individuals live in debt. It has become the American way. Will economic stimuli and healthcare reform solve America’s problems? Probably not. Will moves toward self sufficiency and relief from some financial strain for many citizens aid in solution finding. Yes.

    I am not ĂĽber informed nor am I under informed. I am not upper class nor am I lower class. I am an average citizen (albeit somewhat educated) who is not quite ready to bash this whole process of change. I lean to the right but am finding myself compelled to research other perspectives by the incomplete/far reaching arguments in both the list of original cons, and those stated in comments. Anyone else?

  17. WTF? #2 under “cons” —> If you do not get ins, you will be subjected to a 2% tax increase? Great! So if I can’t afford it in the first place, the government is going to pick my pocket for more money I don’t have?!?! Am I missing something?!? Seriously, if I didn’t understand that correctly someone fill me in. If Nobama gets taken out it will not surprise me one bit!!!! It will be one of those told you so moments. I think Nobama is pissing off way too many people for way too many different reasons. just my opinion.
    Also in #2, “healthy people who take care of themselves will have to pay for the BURDEN of those who smoke, are obese etc….” What exactly does the “etc…” mean? Poor? Next they’ll be going after ugly people.

  18. Is it true that we will be forced to get health insurance. I myself do have health insurance, am I gonna have to pay another tax for someone who does not? I just don’t like the idea of the government forcing anything on the american people. What’s next, you have to have a job or you will be taxed. Or is the govt gonna tax the working people so we can take care of those that don’t work…wait that’s welfare. So is this gonna be healthcare walfare. If I were lazy, I could get free money and coverage. Awesome..I’m gonna quit my job. Jk

  19. This is sick….we have idiots saying “Oh well we have to pay for car insurance, why are we complaining about having to pay for healthcare?” Morons, it’s not the payment that bothers us but rather the quality of insurance that we are forced to receive. If you have parents above a certain age, they won’t be allowed certain surgical procedures that can save their life because they are closer to an age of death than birth.

    Many good doctors are going to retire due to this and we will be just like Canada, a country where if you are elderly and need knee replacement, you will be put on a 2 year waiting list even if you cant walk. This plan is absurd and it shows you that there are many people out there that are simply diehard democrats who truly know nothing about politics, but simply love to argue.

  20. Realitycheck- Are you kidding me? Of course people are outraged at the requirement to pay for car insurance, especially that we have to pay additional money for uninsured motorist. Do you know ANYONE who is happy they have to pay this tax? The “whining” you seem to be missing just isnt on the news. Car insurance isnt a hot issue right now, but I can promise you that a majority of Americans are irritated, annoyed or downright pissed off about car insurance. Open your ears, you will hear constant “whining” when peoples premiums go up becasue they got rear ended or get a ticket etc. I think you are the one who needs a reality check.

  21. One of the Cons. not mentioned in this article is the potential for government abuse of otherwise private personal information. In the private sector this information could be sold but with privacy agreements in place a private entity could be held accountable for how they use their database. But what about the government? How can they be held account if we don’t have easily accessible public records indicating the use of private and personal information? If the government was above profiteering it wouldn’t be a problem but how can we be sure?

  22. ok well i think it is crap that we have to follow a black president to say the least and he smokes pot thats crazy if u think iam going to do what that jig says u might as well be hangen by a tree to

  23. Cinthya,
    Number one, regarding the war, if that fight was here I do believe that you would have a different opinion. We sent money and troops to Iraq so that the fight didn’t have to be on American soil. If we did not step in and take action thing would be quite different! I am a military spouse and most of the people I have met do not agree with the way the war was initiated but looking at the bigger picture it was the right thing to do. Also since you are so Pro-Obama, all he did was take the number of troops out of Iraq and sending them to Afganistan. He isn’t making anything worse. Just pulling the wool over your eyes. Number two, the fact that you believe that we were all for Bush throwing money out the window and its the “negro” messing everything up is so out of this world. I do know believe this is a racial issue. And lastly, If you were not financially sound to have a baby maybe safer sex could have been practiced. How do you expect to raise a child if you cannot pay for insurance?

  24. wow, stop whining! This is what you elected Obama for, this is what he promised you! First, you bitched because he didn’t keep his promises, now you bitch that he does something? All those poor losers who voted for McCain…get over it, he lost ok? Obama will not be impeached. If Bush didn’t, who sucked and everyone knew it, there is no way that a still reasonably popular president will be impeached. Also, no way will they impeach the first black president. It looks racist.

  25. Its a sad day when we hear the simple minded minority try to justify their racist views and flawed opinions. Republicans have historically clung to devout religious values (specifically abortion and stem cell research), but when it comes to supporting a bill that will ensure all Americans, especially the impoverished, equal health treatment. STOP the selfishness. History dictates that a society will always have a lower, middle, and higher class. We all deserve the SAME medical treatment. With so many other government programs you could bitch about, don’t be UN-CHRISTIAN and try to destroy another human beings only way to get medical attention. BTW, you still pay for those who can’t with higher premiums. And please stop the speculation and assumptions. You’ve seen it work with most of the free world already.
    Also, when you have racist idiots like dillon and the close-minded Roy Myers, it makes you look even worse.

  26. here’s an idea: quit your complaining and deal with it. if you are able to make half a million a year, you should be able to dish out an extra 1%. it wont kill you to support those who cant support themselves. a lot of yall are criticizing the sick. they cant help it. when i was little, we lived off of medicaid and food stamps. now, as a single mother working 4 different jobs yet still managing to be in the poverty bracket, i think its a good idea to increase taxes. everyone should have some form of health care. my daughter got a bad dog bite and it got infected. we didnt have insurance. do you have any idea how much an emergency room visit costs?? accidents happen. be prepared and dont get mad for being forced to take precautions.

  27. Ummm….is anyone seeing Dillon’s comment at the end of the page??????
    What century are we in?

    A lot of people on here are complaining but aren’t offering any solutions to the issue at hand. If you are going to complain about a policy and you have good information to back it up, fine. But stop calling names like Nobama and Jig. Those are just ignorant and childish. If you want to be that way, go back to grade school. In the meantime, those of us who enjoy the right of free speech should exercise it responsibly and smartly. Be smart about what you say. If you don’t completely understand the bill, don’t talk about it. You have no business defending or opposing something you don’t understand. I don’t understand all of it myself, which is why I’m not commenting on this issue, more on the fact that people around me are saying some really hateful things that aren’t helping anyone.

  28. I’m sorry but I don’t understand the Cons in this excerpt….I don’t know anything about insurance companies. What is a medical device maker? I want to know the cons for individuals…not companies and industries. What i like about the plan is that your insurance company doesn’t refuse you for their own reasons. Our government is a democracy right? We can somewhat have control over our health insurance, whereas insurance companies just deny you even if you really need the coverage. they cant be stopped and told to cover the person because he has cancer or something.

  29. Is possible that for long time we all have been brain washed that universal health care is not right for America. That’s because the health care corpotations were the puppet masters. Maybe this reform sounds like “socialist” stuff, but the key word here is “flexibility.” Trying a different approach is not a bad idea and “yes!” we have to start somewhere like Pamela mentioned. Give the Guy a chance even you didn’t vote for him.

  30. Change is scary and change takes time. Will this be perfect off the bat? No. And no one should expect it to be. The cons listed here are mere speculation and not based in reality. Have some faith in the leader our nation elected. We are a whole no matter what any individual might think. Support your fellows. Love one another. Heck…pay it foward!

    I myself do not have healthcare…have been unable to find employment and live with what is now a pre-existing condition. Medication is expensive…accidents happen…we can see where this is going as a nation united or as a nation divided.

    Its up to us.

  31. We don’t live in Canada,Carolyne. We live in the US and my husband and I have six wonderful kids to whom we work hard everyday to provide health insurance for. I do not want to have to work even harder to provide others with health insurance. You can’t tell me that this health care reform is not going to cost us because someone is going to have to pay for it, just like food stamp and medicaid is not free. It is free to only the people receiving it. Our taxes dollars pay for that as well as I am sure our tax dollars will pay for the Health Care Reform. I am just waiting for voting day again, I think will see a change in everyones vote. IN GOD WE TRUST!!!!!!!!

    1. In my state alone, 30% are already on medicaid.My husband and I both worked and had nice health coverage for ourselves and our 5 children until our factory closed.Our jobs went to Mexico, and that was in progress way before Obama.The fact that our society is too greedy to want for everyone what should be a basic human right saddens me.Right now either insurance or hospitals one are getting rich off procedures. I went to the ER and had a catscan perforned.The original cost to me was $3000, but after my insurance was processed, the allowable amount was $900. What that says to me is the procedure can be performed for $900, but an uninsured person was going to pay $3000. They will not negotiate that $3000 either.When they garnish your wages, it is the $3000 they will take.I know this has to do with guaranteee of payment, but that is ridiculous.

  32. I ran across this piece as I was searching for information (in plain language) about Health Care Reform and the impact it may have on the company I work for and me personally. My parents told me to consider how much something will cost before you go and get it. Wait for the things you want, concentrate first on what you need. So I have tried to do that. I have basic cable for $12/month, no flat screen TV, no credit cards, I drive a 2002 model car (paid for by me). My income (adjusted for inflation) has decreased every year since 1994. 2009 1040 said 64,000. This year it will go down in actual real dollars about 12K unless something else happens.

    I have always had health insurance – sometimes provided by employers – some years paid for out-of-pocket. I am currently on COBRA with no premium subsidy. I will probably sell my $165,000 2k sq ft house and find some other less expensive place to live as those around me are getting everything paid for by “the government”. I had worked in local government and got tired of the waste “we aren’t spending local dollars – those are state (or fed) funds”. Same thing – it was (and is) my money – as Bill Cosby (he should be president) would say!

    I am really getting very tired of paying for everyone else; their kids which they have no business having, their food – (so they can keep up their i-phone bill), their bad debt credit cards and mortgages that they had no business in getting. Their freedom to do all this by my service in the Army. And now… the health care they deserve? If I could find me an ice floe to get on, someone would want to tax me for destroying a glacier…

  33. I see people here talking about how hard they work and don’t believe they should help people without insurance. I, myself, am uninsured and I work my butt off. I am a single mother that is working a dead end job even though I am educated. I cannot find a job in my field. I deserve health insurance. My child deserves health insurance. Some people need to get off their high horse and realize how lucky they are to get insurance and have a good job to begin with and realize everyone should be entitled to such, especially when someone works hard for what little they do have. I am nervous and excited about the healthcare bill because I don’t know what to expect, but I will have a chance to have an annual physical and pap smear without worrying about how to pay for it. By the way, my child is insured through her father, just not very good insurance. I am ALWAYS paying on a bill for her and she is generally a healthy child. I am very frustrated by insurance companies!

  34. Realitycheck…. car insurance is NOT the same as health care. One covers yourself and the other covers someone or something you hurt or damage. Liability insurance is to protect the other person from something you’ve done for which you might not pay for without it.
    I agree with need a change in healthcare but Obama’s plan worries me. I have a daughter with a prexisting condition ( cancer) but I’m still worried about this plan.
    I hope as someone stated, that Obama is a one term president… I truely believe that his mission is to dictate to us all and force us to give up freedom and only live as he believes we should live.
    Please people… open your eyes and think with your brain and get past what you want voted in and vote for who can really help this country. Obama will ruin us if we let him and his people to control everything as he intends to.
    I wish there was someway to get him out of office but there isn’t … as of yet he hasn’t done anything illegal… but if we can get through the next few years without letting him totally wreck everything then we might be Ok.

  35. I have worked since junor year in highschool. Every payday some taxe comes out for medicare and social seruity. I am not sure where wellfare comes in but I am sure there a tax for that. Health care is the main reason our economy is in term oil a long with poor banking loans. Our country needs reform however I am more toward a public insurance not some plan that just adds something about perexisting conditions. However I aploud them for doing that. Our biggest need is to ensure everyone. Wellfare and medicade bye bye.. busy ERs bye bye no more. There would be no need to keep them… The public plan should pay 70- 80 % of the bill and the private insurrance you UHC’s come in to cover the rest of the bill. this creating a system where you pay what everyone pays. Currently we pay for our bill and those who cant pay for the bill. Which to me just isnt right. And to the doctor complain about wellfare I agree who ever with the unemployment rate at a all time low we needed to support the people who fell through the cracks. But we shouldnt be paying for them for 5 generations there should be some time restrictions or some kind of job finding program to get these monkeys off the publics back.

  36. Healthy people are already paying for the care of those who do not take care of themselves in the form of higher insurance premiums (See con #2).

    Several of the other ‘cons’ seem like people are grasping straws. Confidentiality? We deal with that issue every day in the healthcare world. It won’t change under the reforms. HIPAA will see to that.

    Bribery? Really? You don’t think that the rich already get better healthcare than the rest of us? Wake up.

  37. Although Obama’s ideas and policies scare me more than i could possibly descibe and will most likely affect me more than most people here due to my age, I think it is necessary, as Americans, to support whoever is in office. Not necessarily his beliefs, but his position as an American President. Somebody voted for him. He didnt just destroy McCain because he’s good-looking. I was disappointed in the way Bush was treated by Americans and although I am not an Obama supporter, it is equally disappointing. In the end, Obama is our president. We voted, we elected him, and he deserves respect.

  38. Democrat or Republican it does not matter. NO matter who is in office the situation is not going to get any better. We have become a country of people that want, want want and feel we deserve but there are too many that are not willing to give anything in return. America was built on sacrifices and we need to stand behind our president – Democrat, Republican, black, white, male or female it doesn’t matter if who we wanted did not get elected we have the freedom of choice every 4 years to change that. So we have to suck it up and deal with it. If you don’t like they way things are going here you have the freedom to leave. I prefer to stay here and hope for the best. We live in one of the best countries in the world, we have the rights to express our opinions on pages like this, to choose who we put in office. I think all politicians are the same, they talk a good talk but once in office they become entangled in the web of lies and red tape and they just spiral downhill. I just keep praying for things to get better and thank God for the things I do have that so many other people never have.


  40. Oh I love how people say..I grew up in poverty and now I am a single parent with 4 kids. Heres a thought. Maybe you can get out of poverty if you stop the cycle of having unprotected sex and bringing 4 babies in this world without a dad and then bitch how you can’t afford insurance. keep you legs crossed. there is a thought. maybe instead of having sex and bring 4 kids in this world, you could have taken loan and even went to college for a better job, then had kids when you could actually afford it. Now here you are bitching about healthcare. Wake up America!!! Healthcare should not be FREE! We have to pay for it! I should not be responsible for your lazy ass and your 4 kids. If I chose to bust my ass and take student loans and put myself through school to make a decent living I should be able to live as i please since I paid my way in life. And what bugs me the most is when people talk about being sooooo poor, when they have iphones, cable, internet, car loans, etc That does not make you poor. I see people everyday going to walmart, movies out to eat, and then bitch about being broke and not being able to afford insurance . Puhlease!

  41. health costs in America are very high and very burdening the middle class down, the government and parliament should follow the example of Canada and the UK in the management of community health care through insurance system rather than alleviate the burden. in America is very thick with the smell of politics and competition

  42. Reading some of the comments opposed to health care is like hearing 5 year olds talking about fairytales.
    Grow up and learn to argue like grown ups would you please?

    The 5 Pros listed here are only the Top 5 Pros of the bill, and ALL the 5 Cons are heavily biased speculation just so they can stack up to the Pros!
    Let’s take a quick look at this shall we, so we can show the kind of amateurish reporting we expect from “reporters” these days:

    “1. Given the huge amount of expenses pegged at $940 billion in a spread of about 10 years, it might slow down the growth of heavily burdened US economy.”

    This is not “reporting”, this is pure speculation.
    Using words like “huge amount” is ridiculous! Compared to what exactly?
    The 2 needless wars have cost the country over $1 trillion, and we got NOTHING from them. So declaring war is more important than saving your own citizens lives and making them better?
    Lesser countries have paid more than this to take care of their citizens, so what is the comparison here, exactly?
    Let me re-write this point so its Accurate:
    1. Its expensive.

    That’s it, that’s all you needed to say! Whether or not it will slow down the growth of the economy is pure speculation, AND it goes against what industry analysts say is a bill that will end up SAVING and CUTTING costs in time. Many “average joes” agree that health care costs can and have completely crippled families in the past, and that a change HAD to be made to fix a broken system. So in a economic crisis, you don’t stop offering life saving services to your citizens, you HELP them, they are the ones who will help you prosper, its their money and their actions that pay for your budget!

    “2. Insurance Availment Mandate. You have no choice but to get a health insurance. Otherwise, you will be subjected to a 2% tax increase which will be used to subsidize the insurance costs of other Americans. Healthy people who take care of themselves will have to pay for the burden of those who smoke, are obese, etc.”

    Once again, terrible twisted reporting. Using words like “no choice”, “subjected”..
    Also, completely falsifying facts.
    Its very simple, if you don’t have insurance, you will NOT be denied health care. If you show up at a hospital with a life threatening disease, you will not be thrown out to the curb because you don’t have insurance, instead you will be provided with health care, and the government will pay for your health care, and when its time to do your tax returns, if the government owes you back any amount, the 2% tax will be deducted and will be used to pay for your healthcare insurance.

    To me, this is very fair. Its a good system that respects the dignity of the patient, and if you can’t afford to pay the 2% tax, you will be excused after the necessary arrangements and paperwork is made. Read the bill because you clearly don’t understand it.

    “3. There will be a tax increase on people with very high income. If you are making more than half a million per annum, you will have about a 1% tax increase.”

    Are you kidding me? a 1% tax increase on the rich is in the “CONS” section?
    This needs to be moved up to the Pros section.

    “4. The US Government will have more control in the health insurance industry causing patients’ confidentiality to be more likely compromised since centralized health information will likely be maintained by the government.”

    Get real, would you?
    If you want to give honest unbiased reporting, don’t use the word “likely” so much, because in the end what that really means is you don’t know!
    Just say it, you will feel a lot more comfortable: “I don’t know!”
    And just purely due to the fact that the government wants to regulate the Health Care business, that automatically means that all our medical information will be compromised? Where did you get that from exactly?

    No matter what way you look at it, private or government insurance, someone else will ALWAYS have access to your medical history. They need it to effectively treat you. So that fact its moved from private sector to government is not a bad thing. I don’t want any private corporation who’s primary mandate is to “Make a profit” to “OWN” my information (which they currently do), I’d be much more confident if the government is the one responsible for guarding that information.
    And its nothing new, more than half the worlds most prosperous governments (Canada, UK, Finland, Sweden, France, etc) do it this way! They had no problems, so why would we?

    “5. Chances of bribery may possibly increase as health care equipment, drugs, and services may end up being rationed by the government.”

    “Chances” of Bribery may “possibly” increase??
    That last one is just a joke.

    So to sum up, the Cons of this bill are:

    1. Its expensive.

  43. Amazing!!! Some crazy reading and bickering at best. Reporters should be ashamed of themselves. Report the facts not opinions or theories to hide the truth. It doesn’t take much to confuse the average person.
    Etch beautifully written. I agree whole heartedly.
    Obama was handed this country in a mess. It didn’t get this way overnight nor will it change overnight. How can one man change something when his own congress won’t back and support him? For the Republicans it’s all about don’t raise taxes on the rich but cut federal spending. At least Obama is for the people and the little people.
    Getting to the health care bill. The Pros are what they are.
    # 1. Given the huge amount of expenses pegged at $940 billion in a spread of about 10 years, it might slow down the growth of heavily burdened US economy.”
    This is pure speculation. Expensive to finance yes but we are already spending big bucks on a Health Care System that is clearly not working. To do budget cuts on Medicare and the Medicaid System as the republicans plan on would further cripple a broken system. I live in the Florida panhandle and there are no more doctors willing to take Medicaid. They have all stopped except for a few specialists. The Community Clinic is the only place for these folks to go. This is very sad. So there are people not getting the proper care because the doctors are refusing to accept this type of insurance. I feel for my friends and family members that are going through this. Now Medicare in in jeopardy of the same thing because doctors are scared they won’t get paid or the payments have been cut so low. This will be the same as leaving these folks uninsured in this situation. What good is it if no Doctor is willing to accept it?
    “2. Insurance Availment Mandate. You have no choice but to get a health insurance. Otherwise, you will be subjected to a 2% tax increase which will be used to subsidize the insurance costs of other Americans. Healthy people who take care of themselves will have to pay for the burden of those who smoke, are obese, etc.”
    Again false reporting and hiding the truth. Yes, you will be seen if you get sick but you will be paying for it out of your income tax at the end of the year if you receive a refund but only 2% CAN BE TAKEN. For all those idiots that don’t want to pay for other people’s Health care. Too late you already are and have been. The uninsured is what is driving up the high cost of hospital visits, ER visits, and all the other every rising health care cost. When people can’t afford to go to a doctor they go to the ER that never gets paid which is then passed down to the tax paying consumers in higher health care cost.
    #3. There will be a tax increase on people with very high income. If you are making more than half a million per annum, you will have about a 1% tax increase

    OMG this one says it all, the other 4 biased opinions were given to just confuse people because the last thing they want is a tiny 1% tax increase for the people who can afford it and should be paying it. We middle class folks have carried the country until we are just about driven into poverty ourselves. Why is it we never discuss cutting cooperate expense accounts? Big Cooperate parties, lavish trips, etc. We the working class is paying for all that. It comes out of the bank account that they want to cut federal spending. Put them on a budget with their spending it would save the tax payers millions. They make enough to support their own lavish lifestyles and habits.
    #4. The US Government will have more control in the health insurance industry causing patients’ confidentiality to be more likely compromised since centralized health information will likely be maintained by the government
    Please!!!! Give me a break. Lame excuse at best. What do you call the new prescription data bank? Your right to privacy is a thing of the past. Your medical information is already being compromised.
    #5 Chances of bribery may possibly increase as health care equipment, drugs, and services may end up being rationed by the government.”
    This one was written to put words on the page to balance out the cons, completely false. Think about it realistically, it makes no sense what so ever. There would be a greater chance for that now.
    Basically people making over a half million per year would be subjected to a 1% tax increase. Which is what the republicans have been trying their best to avoid?

    People making less than $50,000., a year really truly need to educate themselves instead of listening to what people are telling them. People making a $99,000., and under darn sure better studying the political issues.

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