Needy Madonna Fan Ordered to Stay Away

Flash an, “I need you” sign on my face and I might find it sweet – or freakingly scary. For Madonna it was the second option. In fact the Material Girl is hoping not to see that sign and the man carrying it, along with a pocket knife, within a 10-block radius.

Madonna was so spooked (and she has every right to be) that she had the man arrested and charged.

Not only that, Madonna got a judge to order Robert Linhart to stay at least 10 blocks away from her, this was according to a judge who set the retired New York firefighter’s bail at $20,000 for getting alarmingly close to the Material Girl while toting a pocket knife and a sign reading, “I need you.”

The needy fan pleaded not guilty Friday to weapons possession and resisting arrest, both charges he incurred when he was arrested outside Madonna’s apartment building on Sept. 21.

Moreover, the alleged offender’s lawyer maintained that his client was not actually threatening the pop superstar, but merely communicating the affection of a longtime fan.

Still freakingly scary to me.

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