NCAA Football 2010: Grambling State vs Texas Southern Live on ESPN Classic

Two non-BCS ranked team are battling it out today on the football field, Grambling State vs Texas Southern. These two teams had shown their power and game effectiveness on the field. Grambling State Tigers holds the top spot in SWAC while the Texas Southern Tigers is at second place. Two tigers roaring it out to be on top and to take at least the conference championship.

Zoltan Riazzo from Grambling State started the scoring with a 39 yard field goal while Texas Southern had been fueled by the first quarter touchdown made by Marcus Wright. Wright rushed for 4 yards for a touchdown and Robert Hersh made the extra point. This opened up an arely lead by Grambling State during the first quarter of the football game which continued into the second quarter with two more touchdowns from Edward Patterson for 95 yards and Derrick Wilhite for another 39 yards from an interception.

It seems like Grambling State is determined to stay as the top SWAC team and improved their game to 9-1. An improvement in their standings might mean an official acceptance as a BCS team but that would be a thing to be decided by the NCAA College Football management. Technically, the Grambling State Tigers game are superb and their 8-1 standing is already very impressive.

With the hassle and power being shown by Grambling State in this game against Texas Southern it seems that they will win the game. Texas Southern has to show some good defense and prevent their opponent from getting all those touchdowns and field goals. Grambing State opened their third quarter with another touchdown and TExas Southern can’t do anything. Anthony Carrothers rush for 1 yard for a touchdown and again Zoltan Riazzo made the extra point.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Grambling State vs Texas Southern NCAA football game on ESPN Classic.

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