NCAA Final Four 2010: Final Four Basketball Teams Ready To Battle

The last team of the 2010 NCAA Final Four basketball teams is already completed when Duke University beats Baylor University during the last basketball match in Regional Finals round.

The Final Four composed of basketball teams Michigan State, Butler University, West Virginia, and Duke University are scheduled to compete next week and the winners will advance in the final face off round of the National Championship to be held the following day.

I am very sure that various college basketball supporters of these Final Four teams are now buying their tickets for next week’s scheduled basketball matches. For the date, the Final Four matches will happen on April 3, 2010 and will be broadcasted live in TV through CBS Sports Channel.

Currently, the 2010 NCAA official website hasn’t updated their interactive bracket yet so we still don’t know the exact times of the basketball matches. However, what we do know is the fact that among the Final Four teams, Michigan State will battle against Butler University while West Virginia will face Duke University.

For more updates on the exact time of these basketball matches, you can visit the 2010 NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament bracket here.

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