NCAA Elite Eight 2010: Schedule of NCAA Elite 8 Basketball Tournament

NCAA Elite Eight 2010 Update: The Elite 8 basketball teams are now finally revealed in the 2010 NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament. We are now two rounds away from the National Championship finals round in which a winner will be declared on April 5, 2010.

As such, basketball fans are excited to know what is the schedule of Elite 8. They are very eager to watch their favorite basketball teams in the Elite Eight as they compete with other basketball teams. Which basketball teams do you think will qualify to the much awaited “Final Four”?

Meanwhile, here are the 2010 NCAA Elite 8 Basketball Tournament schedule. Note that all times are expressed in Eastern Time.

Saturday – March 27, 2010

West Region (Salt Lake City):   Butler University vs. Kansas State at 4:30 pm
East Region (Syracuse): Kentucky vs. Cornell University at 7 pm

Sunday – March 28, 2010

Midwest Region (St. Louis): Michigan State vs. Tennessee at 2:20 pm
South Region (Houston): Duke vs. Baylor at 5:05 pm

Here is the updated 2010 NCAA Elite 8 Basketball Tournament Bracket for your reference:

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