NCAA College Football 2010: Army vs Notre Dame Returns to Yankee Stadium

After more than 40 years and after the rich history of these two teams, Army and Notre Dame returns to their former battlefield, the Yankees Stadium in New York. In 1924 the first game between Notre Dame and Army took place and then their rivalry became intense during the 1946 and 1946 games. These two teams gather most of the College football stars during that time and clash on a classic match.

The "Four Horsemen" carried Notre Dame to a 13-7 victory over Army in 1924.

Today, these two teams battle one another fresh from a win. Notre Dame has a very good feeling going into this game because last week they defeated then number 14 Utah, 28-3. It was a humiliating game for the Utah Utes.

Army Black Knights is coming into this game fresh from a win against Kent State, 45-28. When it comes to who defeated the greater team then we can say it is Notre Dame but who knows what will happen today.

The rivalry between Army, Notre Dame and Navy is intense but the standings here does not matter since all these teams are independent of any conference. Looking into these teams in terms of win-loss, Navy leads with 7-3 followed by Army with 6-4 and then Notre Dame at 5-5.

To give you a bit of a background on why this game is significant here is a look at the rivalry of Army and Notre Dame.

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