NCAA Bracket 2010 Update: Sweet 16 Basketball Teams Revealed

The NCAA Basketball Tournament continues with the second round games finished. As the basketball game progresses, we are now near to the “Final Four” which is dubbed as one of the most exciting part of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

With the second round finished, the Sweet 16 is finally revealed. Checking the updated 2010 NCAA Brackets as of now, from the Midwest region, Northern Iowa (UNI), Michigan State, Tennessee, and Ohio State joined the Sweet 16 basketball teams.

Moving on to the West region, basketball teams Syracuse, Butler University, Xavier and Kansas State joined the list of Sweet 16. On the other side of the 2010 NCAA Bracket particularly in the East region, Kentucky, Cornell, Washington, and West Virginia joined the list of Sweet 16 basketball teams.

Lastly, on the South region, Duke, Purdue, Baylor, and St. Mary’s College are the qualified teams on the Sweet 16 round.

All these basketball teams will battle for the Elite 8 of which half of them will be eliminated for an exciting court battle for the Final Four which will be held on March 27 and 28.

To find out the complete schedule, scores, and the complete list of Sweet 16 NCAA basketball teams, you can view and download the updated NCAA Basketball Tournament below:

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