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NCAA Bracket 2010 Update: NCAA Sweet 16 Basketball Teams Revealed

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NCAA Sweet 16 basketball teams is finally revealed. More and more people get excited as the National Championship of the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament comes closer and closer. With the recent basketball game matches finished, the Sweet 16 Bracket was finally announced.

Sweet Sixteen is the start of the thrill and action in the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament. It’s the start to the journey towards the Final Four where each region gets its basketball team to compete with the National Championship round.

So which basketball teams qualified for the Sweet 16? Let’s find out by visiting the updated Sweet 16 Bracket:

From the Midwest region, Northern Iowa (UNI), Michigan State, Tennessee, and Ohio State joined the Sweet 16 basketball teams bracket for the 2010 NCAA Basketbal Tournament.

Moving to the West region, Syracuse, Butler University, Xavier and Kansas State joined the list of Sweet 16 Bracket. Looking on the other side of the Sweet 16 Bracket, in the East region, Kentucky, Cornell, Washington, and West Virginia all joined the list of Sweet Sixteen basketball teams.

Lastly, on the South region, Duke, Purdue, Baylor, and St. Mary’s College are the qualified teams on the Sweet 16 Regional Semi Finals Round.

All basketball teams in the 2010 Sweet 16 bracket will now compete and will advance to the Elite 8  in which half of them will get sliced. After that, all 8 teams in the Elite 8 will compete for the Final Four where a National Championship winner will come out.

Having updated the 2010 Sweet 16 Bracket, you can now take a look at the complete NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Tournament Bracket taken from the official NCAA website with all Sweet 16 basketball teams already in placed:

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