NCAA Basketball Tournament “March Madness” 2010 Predictions

You may have known that the NCAA Basketball Tournament 2010 Printable Bracket has been released already. As such, you now know which basketball teams will compete against each other together with the schedule of each rounds.

A lot of basketball fans are now placing their predictions most especially on the “Final Four” which will compete on April 3, 2010 for the National Championship scheduled on April 5, 2010.

What are your predictions in this year’s NCAA Basketball Tournament? To help you make your predictions, let’s see some of the historical data and statistics on some of the participating basketball teams in this year’s NCAA Tournament.

UCLA is the team with the most number of winnings counting 11 championship wins. However, looking at the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket, they did not qualify for the NCAA Tournament this year.

Second to UCLA is team Kentucky who won a total of 7 national championships. Fortunately, Kentucky is one of the team who qualified for this year’s NCAA Tournament at Seed No. 1. Other notable teams included in this year’s NCAA are Duke and Kansas who each won 3 times already.

In addition, number one seeds have won a total of 16 times in the first round in the whole NCAA history. Teams who belong to seed number one this year are Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, and Duke. Will they still win this time? Let’s find out the results as the first round will be on March 18 and 19.

While the past results are not a guarantee of future results, history says something. What do you think? Which basketball teams will qualify for the much awaited Final Four on April 3? What are some of your predictions? Share them below.

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  1. This was a horrible article…the number 1 seed has won a total of 16 times in the first round in the entire history of the tournament?? Umm…the 1st seeded team has NEVER lost their first round game

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