NCAA 2010 Printable Bracket available in different formats

This March 2010 is March Madness month. Yes, because it’s March and everyone’s mad. So if everyone’s mad, everyone’s happy. And if everyone’s happy, everybody is having fun. And if everybody is having fun, they are looking for the NCAA 2010 Bracket. Yes they are! Really! Oh please, don’t deny it.

But they are not satisfied to just look on the bracket in front of their computers. They want a printable one. They want to print the bracket on paper so that they can look at it easily. It’s easier to stare on the paper than on your PC, because the radiation is less, I mean, there’s no radiation at all.

Your eyes won’t be tired staring on a paper than on a monitor right?

So you want an NCAA 2010 Printable Bracket right? In PDF format? Or in GIF? You can also have one JPG format or in any other format if you want.

If you know how to use Photoshop, or any other photo editing software, you can easily convert GIF to JPG, PNG, or any other format you want.

But if you really want to print a clear copy of the the NCAA 2010 printable bracket, I suggest you to save a copy of this PDF file and print it. PDF files are flexible, you can zoom it up to 500% to 1000% without pixelating it. It will remain sharp and clear.

One thought on “NCAA 2010 Printable Bracket available in different formats

  1. PDF is a publishing, not an authoring format. If you want to change the content of a PDF, you go back to the source document – its parent if you will. But what if you can’t find the parent? Or don’t trust the source?

    While PDF tools, including our own, can make minor text corrections (fixing a typo for example) the nature of PDF precludes large scale changes. For that you need to convert the PDF back to an authoring format. I’ve found some free software that solves this very common problem

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