NBC Sports Coverage: KY Derby, Kentucky Derby Posting Time

The demand for the KY Derby betting odds, Contenders and posting time has been on its peak today since the Kentucky Derby will be happening in a little while.

You should now take your picks before betting closes for the Kentucky Derby (KY Derby).  NBC Sports will have a live coverage on NBC TV network.  The show will start at around 4-5pm EDT.

You may find guides on how to bet on horses and the list of contenders by checking out links online to the said topic

2 thoughts on “NBC Sports Coverage: KY Derby, Kentucky Derby Posting Time

  1. About the dumbest sports coverage I’ve ever seen. Missed end of race and the payout for race was not shown in the last 45 min of show

  2. Quite nice coverage of the Kentucky Derby – at least once the Red Carpet part was done. However, I do wish you guys would lose your infatuation with Calvin Borel, who is high enough on himself to carry the show. I know he’s a good jockey BUT Todd Pletcher trained the horse and the horse did the running and the luck of the draw gave them a nice post position (unlike poor Lookin at (un-) Lucky), within easy reach of the rail. Go Go Gomez couldn’t do a thing after all that bumping and squeezing (and Calvin Borel couldn’t have either!) It was Todd’s first Derby win and he deserved every second of the glory, so how come while they were interviewing him, we had to look at Calvin waving and cheering instead of Todd? Pletcher’s waited a long time and worked darn hard for this victory. At least let him get his face in front of the camera where he deserves for it to be. A lot of us who are a part of racing are getting sorta tired of the endless Calvin Borel Show. Today was really Todd’s day much more than his!

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