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NBA Playoff Schedule and Downloadable Printable Brackets 2011

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After few remaining games in the NBA, at last the official NBA Playoff Schedule has finally been determined together with the NBA Playoff bracket for NBA fans to know which teams would battle for the best of seven format as the 2011 NBA Playoffs kicks off on Saturday April 16, 2011.

The best of seven format in the NBA Playoffs will once again feature 8 basketball teams coming from each of the two conferences. Typically, the 3 NBA division winners are automatically qualified together with 5 other teams with the most victories from each of the two conferences. The seedings are based on each team’s record. However, a division winner is guaranteed to be ranked at least fourth, regardless of their record and their winnings.

For the Western Conference this 2011. San Antonio Spurs ranks number 1. They are followed by defending champion, Los Angeles, then Dallas and Oklahoma City. The bottom half is composed of Denver, Portland, New Orleans and Memphis.

For the Eastern Conference this 2011, Chicago is the top seed. Meanwhile, Boston, Miami and Orlando follows them respectively. The bottom half of the seed are Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Indiana.

As of now, the 2011 NBA Playoffs Schedule is not yet complete. The final schedule and official roster of the 2011 NBA Playoff will be announced on April 14, at 3:00 PM ET. Basketball fans can watch the 2011 NBA Playoffs live stream through the coverage broadcast of ESPN, ABC and TNT.

Stay tuned to us as we report the NBA Playoffs Schedule 2011 as well as the NBA Playoffs 2011 Bracket:

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