NBA Free Agent Lebron James Staying With Cavs

Team Lebron has done an excellent job at marketing Lebron James as a brand. With just a day before free agents can actually sign on contracts, Lebron James has the Cavaliers, Nets and Bulls as his ‘options’.

Any of these teams have the capacity to offer huge contracts. What Chicago and New Jersey can never offer Lebron that Cleveland boils down to just one thing- home. Lebron James and his team of overgrown kids may have lured us all into this farce, just enjoying the attention that Lebron has been getting just about from everyone. This is exactly what Lebron James wants, a self-image of greatness. This is what Michael Jordan did not achieve at 25 years old but eventually earned it with six NBA championship rings with the Chicago Bulls.

Cleveland is home for him. He has two Most Valuable Player Awards so far plus several disappearing acts in the NBA playoffs yet the Cavs fans still love him. Moving to another team will only set expectations no less than a championship ring. Why put a lot of pressure on King James when he can just choke or sit back and watch the Cavs fail one playoff after another? Sooner or later, the Cavs just might grab a title or two.  

On Thursday, June 8, 2010, do not be surprised when King James finally announces his decision to stay with the Cavs.

3 thoughts on “NBA Free Agent Lebron James Staying With Cavs

  1. Lebron reaching greatness at 25!?? are you kidding me? He has no rings! if he stays with cleveland just say so and set up this whole overkill charade? Lebron is not greatness and never will be at cleveland. KOBE and JORDAN are greatness. they have the focus of winning first. They understand with winning everything else will follow, hence their greatness reaches out all over china also. those two are global icons on the court and in marketing. this whole free agency is handled poorly by the so called team lebron. Pathetic. Overgrown kids for sure.

  2. I have a tendency to think you are right that he will be in Cleveland for years to come, maybe his entire career. Maybe its wishful thinking on my part in reference to James’ character, but I believe he understands the greatest benefit of staying in Cleveland: he would continue to represent his home town.

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