Nate Berkus and The Nate Berkus Show

Following the footsteps of other Oprah Show graduates such as Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, Oprah’s go-to design guy finally has his own “The Nate Berkus Show”.

The Nate Berkus Show will premiere on September 13 and will feature more than the usual interior and exterior decorating adventures of Nate Berkus, who has been Oprah’s design expert for nine years.   

According to Nate, his role on his own show has expanded to include segments on fashion makeovers and more personal stories about triumph over adversity. He said, “It’s about living well and having new information at your fingertips.”

He went on further to say, “There will be regular people with compelling stories where we can step in and help.” The second tier will be celebrity pops, with Jamie Lee Curtis, an organization freak will make a guest appearance. Third, Nate will feature newsmakers such as Elizabeth Edwards, whom he recently interviewed for the show’s premiere week. “I flew down to Chapel Hill, sat down with her in her home and got to know her and how she’s reclaiming her life,” Nate said.

One thought on “Nate Berkus and The Nate Berkus Show

  1. Dear Nate
    im so happy u r doing ure own solo show the Nate show.i love what u do.just wanted to say good luck on ure show primier on sept. 13th.which by the way i be attending.Question do u do make over i really need one lol but for real good luck. sincerly ure fan Andrea Quinones

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