Nashville flooding killed 11 (PHOTOS)

Flooding caused by torrential rains in Central Tennesse has killed at least 11 people and forced scores of others to evacuate homes and businesses, Nashville-based The Tennessean newspaper reported.A 13 inch water flood covered the whole county. Flights have been canceled and roads have been closed. This has been one of the worst floodings in the history of the county.

The National Weather Service advises major flooding is expected to continue along the river on Monday, followed by a gradual decrease in water levels with the river falling below flood stage late Tuesday night. Several area communities, including Franklin and Bellevue, were among the hardest hit.

Here are some Nashville Flooding Pictures:

The Harpeth River, Richland Creek and Mill Creek are moving with surplus water and these entire three rivers plunge into Cumberland River. Cumberland River has crossed all limits and is moving with a water level of 47.55 feet in downtown Nashville. The Old Hickory Dam was fully filled and now it was becoming difficult to handle too much of water in it so, the Army Corps of Engineers decided to evacuate the surplus water from dam into Cumberland River that also made a significant increased in the water level in river.

Metro Public Health officials are warning people about eating and drinking anything that is contaminated with floodwater. They are advising them to keep their children away from the flooded water. The people who have open cuts should wash them with soap. Flood is also to create a hard impact on water life. The garbage, construction material, tools and cans and most of other things of similar kind have been swept into Cumberland River which will create difficulties for river fish.

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