Mystery Google’s Birthday

Mystery Google’s Birthday – Today nor yesterday is not the birthday of Google. I have searched everywhere to look for the reason why the Google Doodle indicates the celebration of Google’s birthday. The mystery Google Birthday is still unknown until this time since Google had not given any statement related to its latest Google Doodle.

The fact accounts that Google had been officially founded as a corporation on September 4, 1998 and the domain was registered September 15, 1997. So, one would wonder why put a cake and a Google birthday celebration on September 27?

Does anyone have an idea why Google celebrated its birthday on this day? Why did they not celebrate it on September 4 or 15?

The good thing is that Google had made our life easier and the people who used Google everyday. More than a billion people used Google each day and that is awesome.

Perhaps sometime Google will make it possible to even target ads specifically to individuals like this one in the Minority Report.


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