MWRA Water Main Break in Boston Needs Repair

The Massachusetts Water Reources Authority (MWRA) had just been reported to have a main break. Being the public authority in the Boston Massachusetts that provides wholesale drinking water and sewage services, the main break caused an alarm to almost 2 million residents of Boston.

According to a spokeswoman of MWRA, it would probably take 2 more days for them to repair the said water main break in their system. As a result of the problem, they ordered each and everyone affected of the MWRA water main break to boil their waters for safety purposes.

Boston Governor Deval Patrick stated that the MWRA water main break is not as serious as originally feared by those living in Boston. In lieu of this water main break problem, MWRA resorted to its backup water reservoirs. However, they canno ascertain if this is safe for drinking so they advised to boil the water first for at least 2 minutes.

I do hope that MWRA can easily restore the normal water operations there. Stay tuned to us for more updates regarding this MWRA water main break problem.

One thought on “MWRA Water Main Break in Boston Needs Repair

  1. This is absolutley uncalled for, they have soldiers working in western mass. that can not do anything except loose valuable work time from thier real jobs while they sit waiting for nothing to happen cause the NG has lost control of it’s purpose to distribute wanted help properly.

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