MW2: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Release Time

This latest Call of Duty Map Pack is one of the latest and most awaited map pack for Modern Warfare 2 gamers this month. The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package is scheduled to be released on March 30, 2010.

As we all know, the Stimulus Package consists of 5 Map Packs and it costs $15.00 USD.

If you don’t have an idea what are the new maps in the Stimulus Package, they are Bailout, Salvage, and Storm. So what are these maps? Bailout is a wide map set in an overrun apartment complex with long sight lines, this map is perfect for snipers. Salvage is a small snowy map in a junkyard. And last but not the least Storm, Storm is a map of abandoned warehouses in the midst of a thunderstorm.

There are 5 maps isn’t it? Here’s two more: Crash and Overgrown. These maps are from COD4 and they are just revived because it’s one of the best and most favorite maps of all time. Crash is an urban map with a downed helicopter, while Overgrown is a wide open map suitable for snipers.

There’s no official announcement yet of the release time, but we think that the release time will be at exactly 12:00 AM EST on March 30, 2010.

UPDATE 2:26 AM EST: Based on our inside sources from Infinity Ward, the release time will be no later than 7:00 PM EST 03/30/2010. Let’s just sleep now and wake up later tonight to download the package, ok?

Here’s the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Trailer from YouTube:

We’ll be posting more updates about this cool MW2 Package.

138 thoughts on “MW2: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Release Time

  1. It’s past 12:00 EST by my watch. Right now we’re looking at 02:53 EST and still no maps. Perhaps we’ll see them at 12:00 PST, which is coming up in just a few minutes. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to these maps, and will happily drop 1200 points ($15 USD) to purchase this content. Although I would like to see some more DLC in the near future (Weapons, Spec-Ops, Single Player Missions, etc). There’s no reason we shouldn’t see these things in DLC Packages. Maybe Forego one or two maps, and give me 3 to 5 new weapons.

  2. Well all the major live updates happened 3 am pst. Like the addition of avatar marketplace nd whatnot

  3. Omg it’s 12:33am PST….. WHERE ARE THE MAPS??? I hope they’re up soon or i’m just staying up all night for nothing

  4. so it’s 12:38am and still no map-pack. ugh. i was hoping it would be up so i can get it and go to bed already but nope nothing.

  5. Have any of you bought stuff from XBL before? For the past year, I have not seen any Marketplace additions before 5am Eastern.

  6. what in the fucking hell is going on iv stayed up and im still not playing the new maps and im realy pissed it is 3:4fucking5 and im still waiting

  7. i know right, damn. stayed up this late (3:48 am) got high and wanted to explore over grown 🙁 fuck and im out of weed…..

  8. Wtf! Its 1am-mountain standard time(arizona) and still no codmw2 map pack yet…I better not be up waiting till 5am for this…

  9. Anyone know the expected time yet I’m in UK and expected them by now it’s 9 in the morning thought they’d be here by now even just the update I thought they’d give us something

  10. 3:53 no maps…i waited til three to see if they update it them because of the east coast west coast time difference, but i was wrong…aparently they will put it up tmrw afternoon so, goodnight to all you campers…

  11. it is 12:54am (PST) im getting a little tired still no map pack about to give up all hope and buy it when i wake up around noon

  12. 4:00 am nothing still….I hate you infinity ward!! I’m gonna go to wal-mart and buy Bad Company at least I know EA has some respect for there customers.

  13. I didn’t mean all that I’m just tired and want to play bailout while all the kids are asleep, cause you know the second they get off school they will be hiding in a corner killing each other ruining free-for-all for everyone. I HATE BOOSTING!! If you have to cheat at a video game to feel good about yourself you should probably just kill yourself.

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