MW2: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Release Time

This latest Call of Duty Map Pack is one of the latest and most awaited map pack for Modern Warfare 2 gamers this month. The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package is scheduled to be released on March 30, 2010.

As we all know, the Stimulus Package consists of 5 Map Packs and it costs $15.00 USD.

If you don’t have an idea what are the new maps in the Stimulus Package, they are Bailout, Salvage, and Storm. So what are these maps? Bailout is a wide map set in an overrun apartment complex with long sight lines, this map is perfect for snipers. Salvage is a small snowy map in a junkyard. And last but not the least Storm, Storm is a map of abandoned warehouses in the midst of a thunderstorm.

There are 5 maps isn’t it? Here’s two more: Crash and Overgrown. These maps are from COD4 and they are just revived because it’s one of the best and most favorite maps of all time. Crash is an urban map with a downed helicopter, while Overgrown is a wide open map suitable for snipers.

There’s no official announcement yet of the release time, but we think that the release time will be at exactly 12:00 AM EST on March 30, 2010.

UPDATE 2:26 AM EST: Based on our inside sources from Infinity Ward, the release time will be no later than 7:00 PM EST 03/30/2010. Let’s just sleep now and wake up later tonight to download the package, ok?

Here’s the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Trailer from YouTube:

We’ll be posting more updates about this cool MW2 Package.

138 thoughts on “MW2: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Release Time

  1. Ok for all of you freaking out because you have been up all night waiting, thats your fault for not looking it up in the first place. The XBOX LIVE MARKETPLACE updates at aprox 5 am EST. Its always been that way. This is not the fault of IW nor microsoft because its always been this way with pass releases and its not going to change for just this one.

    Second of all, to those complaining about the price. Its $15 … thats maybe an hours work. Its for 5 maps, not just 3 and hell even if it was just 3 id probably pay the price, because its not much at all. And to the person who said BFBC2 is coming out with 2 free maps…thats because it launched with like 3. MW2 I believe has close to 15 or more.

    So just quit complaining and wait. If you didn’t want it you wouldn’t be waiting for it.

  2. try unplugging your connection and waiting a few minutes then turning it back on. do something that takes a bit of time, then come back. such as me, i am going to pee and maybe poop.

  3. For the “Maps” guy up there ^^^ ….It updates at 5am Pacific time, not eastern. Common mistake though, gotcha.

  4. Well it’s 5am Central time and I’m still waiting for the this big map pack to come out and once again I feel like I just got fucked in the ass by microsoft xobx and who ever else is behind this shit we all pay to much money for this if they say MARCH 30th I want that shit out at 12:01 am Just like when I had to stand in line forever to buy MW2 anyway I feel better that I got that out but lol I’m still pretty pissed but I still will be here waiting anyone want to hit me up on xbox 360 gamer tag HAGGARD815……………..

  5. where the fuck are the new maps iw are takin the fuckin piss ya tink they would of told us wat fuckin time like dickheads

  6. this is getting silly, its after 5am Central time and no maps.. this is officially the 30th of march.. someone needs to let xbox and IW know… IW.. if 4 million people waited in line to buy your game at midnight.. there are at least 2 million waiting in line for the map pack… do you want to make money? then release the content that is apparently already on the discs we own.. meaning you finished content and didn’t grant it to players with the release… greedy.. work on new maps.. especially for 15 bucks.. but im buying them anyway so i guess you win.. i got pwned.

  7. Okay, it was 10:19pm in Honolulu when it was 4:19am here. That means we had to wait until it became midnight in Honolulu (6am here). It’s 6:26 here… What the fuck is Infinity Ward is doing? And even Microsoft. Their online Marketplace doesn’t even have it yet!!!!!!!!!!! What is going on?

  8. woww this is fun. 5:44 central time. my trigger finger is twitchin! it feels like its christmas mornin and ur mom forgot 2 wrap ur presents now ur up at 4:30 just 2 watch cartoons or play with yourself

  9. We all patiently await the arrival of the new map pack. Fortunate for me I have school that will pass a lot of time, good luck to some of you who have to wait.

  10. Guys , im 16 , and me and my mates are massive techy guys. And we were expecting the stimulus maps to be available at 12 european time , or at least a few hours later , as in 12 in america. Im hugely dissapointed since i know at least 30 people who waited like me. MICROSOFT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

  11. Well it looks like every one with PS3s can stop B*tchn now as well be getting the DLC at the same time at this rate.

  12. you know there are 24 hours to every date, they should give us a time that it will be released. and im sick of all these people complaining about the money it costs to DL the stimulas. its a game add on. if you dont like it done buy it. plain as that. get a job and pay some real bills and set money aside to get the package. i have to. im 30 years old, 3 wonder kids ( 8,5, and 4 months) i work and attend school. My wife is a full time student. we live in a 1200 sq ft home with alot of nice stuff. IN A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD. and yet i can afford and not complain about money. and IM STRUggliNG. GET A LIFE.

  13. FUCK INFINITYWARD & XBOX 3shitty it ain’t enough that ur fuckin game lak quality ur shit brreakdown after 4 months but im repn SONY bitch the same game since 2006

  14. I was so excited for the game but everything was ruined when i could not get admitted in Sweden University this year, and I feel sick since than…………everything is lost for me

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