MW2: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Package Has Been Released But Subject to Patch or Fix

Millions of PS3 and XBOX console game players have been waiting for the release time of the latest Stimulus Package of Modern Warfare 2. Accordingly, the map package is composed of three new maps and two remakes.

While some console game players have finally said that the in demand Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package has been released already, they are complaining that the maps are not working and are pissed off.

Infinity Ward said that these maps are subject to patch or fix and have received thousands of complaints from various Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) console players most especially to those ones who paid for it which costed them $15.

We will be hearing more updates about the map patch or fix from Infinity Ward themselves of this Stimulus Package containing 5 maps from Modern Warfare 2. Stay tuned to us for more updates.

6 thoughts on “MW2: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Map Package Has Been Released But Subject to Patch or Fix

  1. Man another fail bye activision,WARNING: DO not buy until confirmed fixed, it messes with your xbox live and disconnects so you cant even get in regular matches without updating

  2. Worst buy I’ve ever made, don’t get this IW really cheaped out by only giving 3 new maps and two old ones from CoD4. You can’t even choose the game you want to play, it’s all random. Stupidest idea anyone has come up with yet and at a premium price, I feel so cheated and of course “no refunds”, I’m stuck with this crap.

  3. To Smear: IW doesnt decide the price Activision does
    plus to all ps3 gamers correct me if im wrong but we might get it 4 $10 Xbox might hav had 2 pay$15 cuz it was exclusive to them 4 a month but who knows maybe im wrong

  4. This new stimulus pack is rubbish…like everyone else I couldnt wait to get it downloaded from the playstation network,but i feel like ive been robbed…The maps themselves are fine in my opinion, the problem is that you can’t choose which type of game you want to play easily..
    Mostly i play team deathmatch and I presumed that these new maps would be intergrated into the list of of maps within the team deathmatch menu, but this is not the case..
    The new maps appear seperately and when you access them it will throw you into any type of game it pleases,be it demolition or domination or any of the others.
    The game is not worth £11 and having now downloaded it, I find myself still playing the origional maps more.

    Take my advice and avoid the temptation to download this package…You’re wasting your money.

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