More Than Just Big Waves: US Open of Surfing

The US Open of Surfing brings heavy crowd on the Huntington Beach.  It’s a big even watched by many.  So far, the “surfing” motto of “just chilling” isn’t exactly the case in this year’s US Open of Surfing.  Several arrests were made near the competition side due to pedestrian checks.

The girls of course are on their bikinis and this is just  a lovely sight for the men.  However, there were also Christian protesters on the side, making action for their different specific causes.  There were also activists in the ground battling out their different causes such as homosexuality and legality of marijuana.

Meanwhile, Carissa Moore has been doing well this season bagging a great award and getting $50,000 winning!  More of the official news and highlights of the US Open of Surfing 2010 on their official website.

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