Montana Fishburne Goes A Different Route To Fame

Her last name rings a bell. This is because her father Laurence is a Hollywood actor, stage actor, director and playwright. Laurence Fishburne has been in the entertainment industry for close to four decades now. He will probably be most remembered by today’s generation as “Morpheus” in the “Matrix” trilogy of movies. His “Morpheus” character played a mentor role to Keanu Reeves’ “Neo” character.

Laurence has also appeared in more critically acclaimed movies, stage plays and currently stars as Dr. Langston in the hit TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, replacing William Petersen.

Now in comes his second child Montana trying to achieve fame via a different route. 19-year old Montana is set to appear in an adult movie to be released by Vivid Video in August. She probably took the cue from Kim Kardashian who has appeared in a sexually explicit video with her then boyfriend Ray J. Former playmate and Hugh Hefner girlfriend also has a similar video released by Vivid in the past.

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