Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Stimulus Package Release Time in Different Time Zones

Millions of Playstation and XBOX console game players are now burning their eyebrows staying late at night in the hope for the release of the latest Call of Duty Map Pack from Infinity Ward.

Accordingly, this Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package contains five (5) maps with three of those are new maps while the other two maps are remakes. It will cost US$15 or 1,200 MS Points.

The three new maps included in the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package are Bailout, Salvage, and Storm while the other two maps that are considered remake in the package are Crash and Overgrown. These two remaked maps have been revived since they are the two most favorites maps of Modern Warfare 2 game players. To learn more about these 5 maps from the Stimulus Package in Modern Warfare 2, you can view the post of Naomi Larkin here.

Currently, a lot of MW2 players are waiting for the release time of the Modern Warfare Stimulus Package. According to some reliable sources, the release time in different time zones is expected to be at most 9pm Pacific Time (US and Canada), 5am Greenwich Mean Time (Europe), and 6am Mountain Time.

If you really want to be the first few players to get and buy this in demand Stimulus Map Package from Modern Warfare 2, then I suggest you to keep on refreshing the page of XBOX Live.

22 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) Stimulus Package Release Time in Different Time Zones

  1. 3 new maps for $15? I think I’ll pass. I already own the two remakes, I saw a video that showed they didn’t even add anything to the remakes other than shelves in a video store. This is the biggest WTF for MW2

  2. those times are definately wrong and Playstation users will be staying up an awful long time as it’s exclusive on 360 for 30 days.

  3. infinity ward guy in stimulus lobby said package would be available in 5 min but they were having spam and server issues 🙁

  4. I understand that people naturally want things for free, but really why do people insist on griping when things aren’t free. You see there is a team of designers that made three new maps and made some minor script changes to 2 old maps… these designers all get paid very well for the time they spend performing the duties of their jobs. Somewhere the employer must recover the money they pay to have these designers on staff or even on contract. Factor in a popular game where the sales team can forecast high demand (increased by advertisement which costs a little bit more money as there wasn’t alot of advertising done) and the estimated utilization value to the end customer is about $3 per map. Pay your $15 if it’s worth it to you, don’t pay if it’s not… either way just don’t gripe about it please. Welcome to micro-economics.

  5. The Stimulus Package is now available (at least in Ohio, USA). Although, the maps don’t work at all. So, nothing to get excited about yet. Just really pissed…maybe.

  6. WTF it is not Freaking working i tried hundreds of time.How long is it going to be untill the MW2 update comes so i can play the maps i payed for.

  7. Well It finally came out but it just loops in the lobby. I got errors like it couldn’t find the MP_complex file and the images of the maps in the lobby where absent except once after trying dozens of times. Disappointing yes but I’m sure the fix will be coming soon. Still though thats bush league. I feel for those who stayed up late or took work or school off. What a huge let down.

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