Missouri store clerk wins $258M Powerball jackpot

Earth day is lucky day for Chris Shaw, a 29-year old tattoed father of 3 children and an employee of Break Time in Marshall, Missouri when he learned he is the winner of the $258 million Powerball jackpot.

He bought the $5 ticket on a Wednesday at Break Time and the numbers who brought Shaw the millions were 11-34-41-49-55, Powerball 20. The Power Play number was 2. He is the biggest lottery winner in the state’s history and the 10th largest Powerball-jackpot winner ever. He received his ceremonial check at the Missouri Lottery headquarters in Jefferson City in a very rugged outfit, a red hat and a huge smile on his face – minus two front teeth that he lost because of not caring too much about it – but can now afford to have them replaced.

Shaw said he still don’t have much plans yet with the money but would definitely use some  to pay bills, replace his two missing front teeth and take his children to Disney World. He had not made up his mind yet whether to quit the job at the convenience store where he bought the winning ticket.

Shaw shared that he had only $28.96 in his bank account and just recently purchased a 1998 Ford Ranger from a friend who agreed to let him pay off the $1,000 price in an installment of $100 one at a time.Well now,he wouldn’t have to worry paying his friend or even paying the bills.

“We didn’t come from money. For us it’s just going to be a huge relief to know I’m going to be able to pay my electric bill, my gas bill.It’s like a weight lifted. I had bills at home I didn’t know how they were going to be paid.”

Shaw,who fathered a 10-year-old son, a 7-year-old girl and a 5-year-old girl by two different women expressed her longing to spend time with his children who lives with their mothers about 240 miles southeast of him in his hometown in Alton, as well as with his girlfriend’s two sons — 13-year-old and 15-year-old boys Shaw says he considers his own.

“I can be with them as much as I want now,” Shaw said.

He also plans to seek advice “money handling experts” about whether to take home all the jackpot in 30 payments over 29 years or the lump-sum amount of $124,875,122.

Break Time will receive $50,000 for selling the winning ticket. State Budget Director Linda Luebbering said that if Shaw takes a lump-sum payment, the state income taxes due on the winnings would be about $6 million.

5 thoughts on “Missouri store clerk wins $258M Powerball jackpot

  1. another inspiring story of “a dollar and a dream”! It don’t hurt to buy a lottery ticket! And yes, you’ll never know!:-)

  2. Haha! mareee08 I am assuming you are asking about his hat? The name is “Gamakatsu” and it’s a fisking hook manufacturer.

  3. This post is in hopes of reaching Christopher:

    First off: WOW, congrats man…I can only imagine how you must feel after winning so much money. I’m definitely glad to hear that you’ll be able to spend proper time with your children now, not to mention not have to worry about any expenses while they grow up! ROCK ON, BUDDY!

    On a side note, If you’re willing/interested in helping other people out with any of that, I too am young (~30) and in need of serious dental work, but don’t take it the wrong way – I’m not looking for a free handout. I’m more than willing to offer any number of services in return. I’m an IT professional, but also have a solid business background, mechanical expertise (though I imagine you’ll be turning that used truck in for something shiny and new, lol), am familiar with security systems, and a lot more.

    I know you have a lot to deal with for right now, but if you’re willing, please keep me in mind – I’ll monitor this page and the posts on it just in case.

    Again – congrats! all the best to ya!

    -Paul, Michigan

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