Miss USA Scandal Pictures Released

Miss USA Scandal Pictures Released: There is a new line of controversy concerning Miss USA contestants as their pictures were released in the internet for the world to see. Definitely guys will be tempted to see these picture of these gorgeous ladies as they were really hot and stimulating to the eyes.

I myself was able to view some of these photos and I cannot help but myself but to see the pictures of other Miss USA beauty pageant contestants. They were all wearing very sexy clothes in their skimpy bikini outfits revealing their sexy figures. If you visit the site of Miss USA, you will know what I’m talking about. Each state has their own Miss USA contestant and they were already graded.

So far, the highest grade that I saw went to Miss USA representative from the state of Louisiana with a grade of 2.77 . Her name is Sarah Brooks and her pictures are really steamy and hot to the eyes of guys.

How about you, were you able to see the rest of the pictures of other Miss USA contestants? If you want to visit the pictures, you can go here.

2 thoughts on “Miss USA Scandal Pictures Released

  1. They make Miss California Carrie Prejean look like MOTHER THERESA! What a joke.
    It only proves that Carrie was fired for saying that SHE BELIEVED marriage was between a man and a woman!!

    Such Bullshit.

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