Miss Universe Top 15 Revealed

Here is the official top 15 candidates from which the new Miss Universe will come from: (In no particular order)

Miss Mexico

Miss Colombia

Miss South Africa

Miss Russia

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Ukraine

Miss Belgium

Miss Ireland

Miss France

Miss Australia

Miss Jamaica

Miss Albania

Miss Guatemala

Miss Czech Republic

… and (finally) Miss Philippines!

I have to admit I held my breath for a while there and secretly hoped and prayed Venus Raj would be called to the top 15. I guess Mr. Trump is also into the dramatics because Miss Philippines was called last… maybe so she could bask in center-stage.

Other websites are reporting that Venus Raj is already in the top 10 or top 5 which is even better news for the Philippines (after that harrowing tourist bus hostage drama)… I am crossing their fingers that they are correct and not just hallucinating. Hehe…

Good luck Venus!

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