Miss Philippines Venus Raj Still Leading Online Rankings

Barely a day away from the coronation night, the Philippines’ bet to this year’s Miss Universe, Venus Raj, is still leading the online rankings despite a slight dip in her ratings, which went to 3.55 from 3.71.

“Star-wise”, she still has four stars while her nearest (online ranking) rival, Miss Bolivia, only has three stars for her rating of 3.07.

Venus, whose name literally comes from the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, hails from Bicol, Philippines and prides herself to have come a long way from the poverty-stricken life she was accustomed to.

Raj became a crowd and media darling because of her tenacity in wanting to get her crown and title back after these were taken away from her due to an unintentional error she committed in her application regarding her place of birth.

Her “fight” for her right to represent the Philippines resulted in such a strong public and media clamor that the local organizers had no choice but to try to “save face” before reinstating her as Miss Philippines by issuing the condition for her to get a passport to get her crown and title back.

Let’s see if Venus Raj proves herself worthy of the “second” chance given to her by the local pageant organizers.

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