Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete Wins Miss Universe 2010

The Miss Universe 2010 Beauty Pageant 2010 was already finished. Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, 22 years from Guadalajara bested 83 other contestants in the most prestigious international beauty pageant held at the Mandalay Bay Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Miss Mexico answered the question from judge Evan Lysacek, an Olympic gold-medal figure skater on how she feel about the unsupervised use of Internet especially among kids. Jimena Navarrete answered using an interpreter saying: “I do believe that Internet is an indispensable, necessary tool for the present time. We must be sure to teach them the values that we learned as a family.”

As the winner of Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarette will receive several benefits and amenities. Aside from her diamond crown and salary, she will also have access to a luxurious apartment in New York, a set of jewelries, and a one-year scholarship grant to the New York Film Academy plus housing after her reign ends.

The Top 5 winners of Miss Universe 2010 are Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps on the second runner up, Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell on the third runner up who also received the Miss Congeniality award, and the crowd’s favorite Miss Philippines Venus Raj on the fourth runner up.

7 thoughts on “Miss Mexico Jimena Navarrete Wins Miss Universe 2010

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  2. Well, my opinion in this pageant is POLITICS, why did the mexican girl win if she is not deserving? i don’t like her answer because she was not able to answer the real question as she is just saying the opinion on using the net today, i really like the answer of ms. australia, but if we tallied the scores it should be MS. JAMAICA and then MS. PHIL and then the mexican girl and so forth.. We should be judging the right thing because everybody is watching it it’s so very obvious that it’s not right.. ((:

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