Miss Australia Singles out Mexico, Phillipines, Central and South America as Possible National Costume Saboteurs

The Miss Universe Pageant 2010 is long over, but it seems the controversies have not died down even a bit.

After the “major major” flak drawn by Miss Philippines Venus Raj’s answer to the question and answer portion, here now comes accusations from Miss Australia cum Miss Congeniality of fellow contestants using under-handed tactics and sabotage.    

Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, speaking in an interview at Australia’s Nova 91.9 radio station, said, “When I went to put it on (referring to her national costume) I found about six pins all pinned in the back of it, so when I put it on I scratched all the back of my back. I was like ‘Ooh! What’s that?”

When asked who she thinks is behind it, Campbell singles out those from Mexico, the Phillipines, and Central and South America. She told the Herald Sun, “Winning is so important for those girls because they become queens in their country and are worshipped if they win — and it changes everything forever for them. She did add, although belatedly, that “…there were 82 other girls there and I can’t narrow it down, so it’s a mystery to me.”

Ironically, it seems Campbell is the one being “worshipped” in her country despite not winning the Miss Universe crown. She is now a boldfaced name in Australia’s entertainment-news circles after beginning a stint as an entertainment reporter for a local TV station. She is also now unarguably more famous than she had ever been despite landing only third place.

2 thoughts on “Miss Australia Singles out Mexico, Phillipines, Central and South America as Possible National Costume Saboteurs

  1. Hmmm, sounds like a bad case of sour-graping, or is she trying to grab another additional 15 mins. of fame from the pageant? Must be jealous of Ms. Philippines’ own additional 15 mins. that came with that “major major” answer.

  2. what a MAJOR MAJOR loser you are Ms.Australia.

    You lost ‘coz Ms.Mexico is lightyears prettier and sexier than you. Heck, I don’t even know how you made it to the top 5, when there were other girls even more deserving of your slot.

    Count yourself lucky that you made it to 3rd place. If Philippines hadn’t flubbed her answer, for sure, she would have gotten a higher rank than you. Mexico, Philippines and Jamaica were the REAL gorgeous beauties that night.

    The only pageant Miss Australia can truly win is a Miley-Cyrus-Look-Alike contest.

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