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Miegakure 4D Puzzle Video Game Demo: Download For PC and Mac

August 11, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

The latest craze in video game has already reached 4D. The most popular among them is the puzzle game Miegakure. It is a block-pushing and platforming puzzle game. The plot of the game is based in three-dimensional space. With the touch of a button, the player can transform one of the dimensions into another from the Fourth dimension. This allows a player to go ‘through’ walls, look into them, and do various other things that would be impossible in three-dimensional space. The game is entirely designed and programmed in 4D. The name Miegakure is a Japanese landscaping technique. It is a means of imparting a sense of vastness in a small space.

Here is a video game demo available here to have a sneak peek of the cool game Miegakure, Garden in Four Dimensions.


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