Microsoft iPad Killer In The Works

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer has announced the need to combat the Apple iPad tablet platform. No time commitments were made as to when a Microsoft tablet computer would come out but it is an urgent agenda of his organization. These tablet computers will run on Windows 7 to catch up with Apple and Google in this growing piece of the market.

It can be recalled that Ballmer shot down a similar tablet platform project before Apple released the iPad. Now that the iPad is capturing an interesting piece of the consumer market, analysts are now seeing that this market segment could grow exponentially. Analysts are saying that for this decade, the tablet market along with smartphones are expected to be the fastest growing segments. Ballmer knows this and it makes him realize the urgency to start competing in the tablet computer market.

Ballmer seems confident about capturing market shares but without a specific timeline and strategy, it may just all seem like lip service. The iPad is gaining popularity with its user-friendly features, something that can be challenging for Window 7 applications.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft iPad Killer In The Works

  1. The problem with MS is that they have run out of people with vision. Ballmer is a dinosaur. He is perhaps the most incompetent CEOs amongst the top tech companies. He needs to go first or MS will sink lower and lower. Already, MS does not capture people’s imagination as they used to in the past. People look to Google and Apple for innovative products. MS needs new blood if they want to survive into the next decade.

  2. IPAD is blazing fast. NO netbook/tablet I’ve seen is that fast. I never thought of owning one since I don’t have a TV and cable for the last 12 years. I’ve won the IPAD in symantec give away by praying not to win it.

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