Michelle Bombshell McGee Pictures: The Sexy Hot Tattoo Model

There are rumors spreading that the tattoo model Michelle Bombshell McGee had an affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband.  It’s very hard to have an affair these days without being caught or without having the other party squeal off some information about you especially if they can use it or something.  It’s just like what happened to Tiger Woods.  No affair remains secret these days.

Anyway, there is this alleged rumor and we are yet to confirm is this is true but all are just hear-say.  Is it really true that Jesse James (Sandra Bullock’s husband) and Michelle Bombshell have an affair?  Anyway, we are sure many are curious on how Michelle Bombshell McGee looks and would want to view photos of her.  Check out some very sexy photos of her below.  They didn’t call her “Bombshell” for nothing!

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20 thoughts on “Michelle Bombshell McGee Pictures: The Sexy Hot Tattoo Model

  1. what do u expect ,, the guy looks like a lowlife and the girl is a tiger woods dolly and her tattoos look like a snake ,, bar broad .. can u imagine who she is going to look in 20 years … gasp…. sandra should laugh wildly as she just got rid of scum… har har har

  2. sandra is going to laugh wildly as she looks down at the EX Biker and his circus looking broad and as she sips her wine and has a hit of cheese she will laugh wildly at the scum who hungerly look at her beach penthouse as they rot in the rain while looking at the splender of her money and fame… karma babe karma

  3. I can’t believe he would be dumb enough to cheat on sandra!! With some low life skank covered in trashy ass tattoos none the less. everyone is refering to her as a sexy vixin?? ha! More like a canvas displaying trashy taste less tattoos. the sad part is that she did this for publicity. As if her trashy ness wasnt bad enough think about what kind of person you would need to be to actually want to be famous for sleeping with a married man. No one likes a cheater, even cheaters dont like cheaters lol pathetic

  4. who would be attracted to someone like this?? F’ing FOUL. Sandy’s first clue should have been that Jesse’s ex is a NASTY beat up ex-porn star. I feel for her, but a tiger never changes its stripes. She is a class act and I don’t blame her for being naive because love makes you do strange things but I always was suspicious of this dude and thought she was way out of his league

  5. Anyone who would refer to this circus freak as “sexy or a bombshell” is out of their minds. For Jesse to cheat on a class act like Sandra makes him no better that the hoe he had the affair with.

    Keep going Sandra and don’t look back. He ain’t worth it.

  6. First off Michelle (I refuse to dignify the rest of what you call yourself in writing)…Your tattoo on your forehead is only referring to you as the sinner. Do not include the rest of us in on what appears to be your own issues of low self-esteem. Usually we would blame your parents and the rest of the world for how you turned out but this I feel most would say, is truly your own fault. You should have more respect for yourself and your body the only body you will ever have, the one that you SIN against daily. As for Jesse’s I hope you are truly sorry and not just because you got caught, but cause I firmly believe that everything comings back to you 3 folds and Karma is truly a bitch…Sandra, you are truly a wonderful women who has inspired the world over. You have a heart that is true and grace above and beyond all. No matter what hold you head high and keep on smiling. In the end you will be the last one standing.

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    “And now here’s a pic of Michelle bombshell topless and sexy video as well. I don’t know Jesse was it really worth it this chick might have one to many tattoos for me and Sandra is sitting on 85 Mil. I think I might have been faithful but that’s just me.”
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  8. that chick aint even cute!
    sandra bullock looks way better, has much more talent, and has a lot more class!
    jj must be kicking himself in the a** right now.
    kick him to the curb and don’t look back..he aint ever gonna change.

  9. It makes me just sick…Im sorry Sandra, I know I have no idea who you really are…I am praying for you either way, I hope you can make it through this without letting this scum or anyone else change who you are. Dont stop trusting, there is someone out there for everyone…someone you deserve, an earnest man. Not living off of some deadbeat bank robber from the past. Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. A.Einstein

  10. She looks dirty. It looks like the last shower she was a a cumshot! I wouldnt screw this one if u paid me! She probably has dried blood and dirt under her nails.

  11. To all people with morals that might agree with me. First of all celebrities like all of us are just human, and have feelings and can get hurt. With that said I urge the media to consider that, when publishing ‘stories’ of woman like Sandra Bullock and many more, men too, to bear in mind that these people, whom according to the world are perfect do have feelings as the rest of the world’s populous .
    Secondly to Mr Jessie James, I have no idea what you were thinking! You are married to one of the world’s most beautiful woman, most men would spend all their worldly positions to just have dinner with her once and you get to have the whole deal; of having her at you side, sharing a home and bed with her and calling her your wife. Yet you prefer to be what most women despise, a lying cheat! I say most women, that is the majority that has refinement and respect for themselves and was brought up with a well laid foundation by caring parents.
    Unlike some, (and this is for you ‘Bombshell’) that has a total disregard for others and themselves. If you at all respected yourself you would not engage in a relationship with a man that has a world renowned actress as a wife or a married man for that matter full stop!
    Now think about this darling Michelle McGee or should I say Bombshell, do you really think that Mr James who has had (and I say that in past tense as I hope Miss Bullock kicks his ass to the curb) the privilege and honour of being married to such a gracious woman as Sandra Bullock, that he would for one moment be loyal to you and trustworthy? If a man can cheat on his wife, he wouldn’t have a problem cheating on the lover. Think about the implications cheating has when you are married; it’s not just taking you coffee mug and PJ’s and moving out, there’s a bit more to it. Now if he is willing to go through all of that to scratch an itch, I am afraid honey you won’t be the only one scratching.
    Good luck to Miss Bullock, you are in my thoughts!

  12. Im not asking myself what was on his mind to go for that woman because they both look same category to me, im just wondering what was on Sandra’s mind to marry him!

  13. Sandra Bullock is beautiful, smart and talented. I have loved EVERY movie she has been in. If Jesse thinks this other woman can hold a candle to her he’s wrong! She looks like a 20 dollar hooker! Sandra is so beautiful she can do way better then that scum bag of a husband! I feel sorry for her at least when us “normal” folk have a break up it’s not plastered all over TV and the Internet. I admire you Sandra! You can do WAY BETTER THEN HIM!!!!

  14. Hey Jesse, screw all of these judgmental jerks. Their puny putrid lives are better today because they can put you down to feel better about themselves. Everyone of them are lying, they would jump at the chance to hop in bed with Bombshell just due to her small amount of fame, otherwise they wouldn’t be sucking up this gossip like the ketchup off of their McDonald’s fries.
    Honestly, I think this whole thing is some dumbass kind of publicity stunt, the same as the marriage. I’m sure there is a prenup and Jesse makes enough on his own that he doesn’t need hers. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sandra, she is a great actress, but that doesn’t mean she’s good in bed or a good wife, no one knows except Jesse and obviously she wasn’t doing something right.
    You apologized, so if you’re really sorry, I hope you guys work it out, and if not move on and ignore all of these nosy jerks with no life of their own and do what you do man.
    I would love to live the life you portray for a day. I’m a rock climber because that is all I can afford but if I had your money I’d be doing the same wild things you do on your show.
    Hey Sandra, hope you’re ok and not as naive and puritanical as everyone thinks you are. I bet you are wild in bed. Hate to break the news to you, and don’t think I am, but a thrill seeking man is gonna have a hard time settling for one woman for the rest of his life.
    I love your personae, don’t worry about the nosy jerks and their asinine opinions live your lives like there is no tomorrow.
    You both seem like good people in real life so karma will take care of both of you. Good luck and God bless both of you.

  15. If you’re going to judge someone at least use proper English. It’s “you can do better THAN him” not then. Example: He screwed her rather THAN Sandra and THEN he went home and screwed Sandra.

  16. I may be a man on his own, but I think Michelle is hot,she looks kinky and seems like she would be a lot of fun in the sack. Sandra Bullock ain’t ugly but I never found her attractive at all. People don’t want to admit it but she probably was a bore in bed, that’s why us men stray….I will take a Bombshell McGee or Sandra Bullock any day.

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