Michelle Bombshell McGee Pictures: Latest and Updated Photos

Michelle Bombshell McGee Pictures. Here are the Latest and Updated Photos of the hot and ugly Michelle McGee. I really can’t believe that Jesse James fell for her and she was the reason of the recent rumor about Jesse James and Sandra Bullock split up.

If Michelle McGee, also known as the Bombshell is the one and only reason of the sudden break-up of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock, then Jesse James must be really blind and he badly needs an eye-checkup.

As you can see her photo on the left, Michelle Bombshell McGee looks like a crazy shit from a mental hospital. She looks dirty and wasted. She’s the most ugly headline-grabbing lady I’ve seen in my entire life.

Everyone should stop searching for her, because her ugliness is at the pinnacle. I’m almost gagged when I saw her pictures online. Good thing I had controlled myself not to heave.

Anyway, if you really want to view ugly photos of an ugly girl click here, courtesy of Amanda Roverfield.

Please don’t blame me if you retch in front of your monitor, ok?

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