Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats Sign Kwame Brown

NBA great Michael Jordan made one mistake as Washington Wizards executive nine years ago. With the number one draft pick in 2001, the Wizards picked Kwame Brown straight out of high school believing he could be another Kevin Garnett. It turned out to be a bust as Brown was clearly not ready for the NBA. Despite being the best basketball player, Jordan was tagged as an incompetent executive as the Wizards and Brown showed very little success.

It is ironic that a failure nine years ago would choose to team up once again. What probably drives Jordan and Brown is a chance to prove pundits wrong. Brown had little success in his NBA career so far. This could be his second chance to make an impact. The Bobcats lost Tyson Chandler to a trade with the Dallas Mavericks. Eric Dampier may likely be waived to clear salary cap space.

The Bobcats signed Brown to a $1.3 million one year deal.

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