Michael Douglas to Undergo 8 Weeks of Radiation and Chemo for Throat Tumor

Michael Douglas’ spokesperson has confirmed that the 65-year old actor has been diagnosed with a throat tumor that will require him to undergo eight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.

Asked whether Douglas’ throat tumor is related to the smoking habit he has had for decades, his publicist refused to comment.

Back in 2006, the Daily Mail reported that the actor and his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, now 40, were both trying to quit their half-pack a-day cigarette habit.

The Academy Award-winning actor says he expects to make a full recovery. He told People magazine in a statement on Monday that he’s “very optimistic.”

Douglas is currently outside the United States, but his publicist Allen Burry declined to give his location or where he would be treated. Speculations are swirling that he is in Bermuda, as he and his wife bought a property there and were quoted as saying they would like to raise their kids in Bermuda.

Here’s hoping and praying for your speedy recovery Michael.

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