Michael Douglas to Renew Wedding Vows with Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hollywood might be teeming with divorcing and separating couples, but Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are determined not to be part of the ever-increasing statistic. The two are set to renew their wedding vows in November to coincide with their 10th wedding anniversary.

It was Catherine’s idea and cancer-stricken Michael was in tears when she suggested it to him. As a matter of fact, he sees it as a “wonderful expression of love”, a friend was quoted as saying.  

The renewal of vows to mark their 10th wedding anniversary will be followed by a lavish party at New York’s Plaza Hotel, where they also married in back in 2000.

Michael is said to be very weak with his chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but is determined to wed Catherine for the second time around. He is also set to appear at the

New York premiere of his long-awaited sequel, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” where he plays banker Gordon Gekko.

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